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    Intercooler Hose help please

    You Will probably find the retaining part of the pipe where the clip holds it has been flattened. New pipe time.
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    "Service Brake- Visit workshop"

    Sbc fault Service brake visit workshop is sbc Brake wear visit workshop is well worn brakes.
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    Front drivers side bearing exploded at 80MPH!

    Someone has over tightened the wheel bearing.
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    Whats more reliable? V6 or IL6 E320cdi

    Straight 6 (211/later w220) is the better of the two as is the 5 speed gearbox attached to it, sbc would let it down though in the 211. V6 (642) has a few common issues that are not cheap to fix and comes with the 7g tronic gearbox.
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    Automatic stuck in third

    Bolts are reusable on 722.6. Your Indy said said he can't service it because it's sealed for life?
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    W210 OM613 Water Pump

    Line are there from new on most manufactures pumps. Ever had a fuel leak? Checked for swelled coolant hoses around the pump the diesel can effect the rubber, otherwise best to get it pressure tested.
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    W221 Diesel leak from fuel filter

    It will be the pipes, a short 90 degree one and the other with a plastic housing around it that goes to the pump. Make sure that it is a diesel leak underneath and not oil, oil cooler seals are quite common and not a cheap fix.
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    DPF blocked

    Glow plugs on the later engine are 3x the price, £30-40 each plug.
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    Wanted W202 C43 AMG Exhaust Manifolds

    Until they crack.
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    W209 Visit workshop battery malfunction

    Alternator possibly not charging enough under acceleration is my guess.
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    W202 Sills, any suggestions??

    Perchased a replacment for one of my c43s from euro car parts £48 trade, also had to get the inner floor repaired as it had gone all the way through, so pull up the carpets if you haven't already.
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    deflating airmatic and bleeding brakes - which tool

    Just undo the rear unions on the suspension bags to let the air out, the car will automatically re-fill on start up. To bleed sbc you will need either a decent diagnostic machine that activates the sbc pump or a good quality brake pressure bleeder.
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    What controls the turbo actuator?

    Does it Rev past 3000rpm?
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    C class W204 2008 ESP Malfunction fault !

    Replace the fuel filter if it hasn't already had a decent one, or replace the fuel pressure sensor bolted to the front of the high pressure pump (2xt20 screws)
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    What controls the turbo actuator?

    You won't ever see it move unless you go for a drive while sitting on top of the engine! If it didn't work your car would be flat to drive as the turbo won't work.
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    My 2004 C55 AMG's Gearbox.

    You have driven the car relying on the oil that was in the torque converter, as I said add 4.5 litres of oil, if it still won't change you may have to get the codes erased from the gearbox control unit, alternatively sell me the car for 5k and I will do it
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    My 2004 C55 AMG's Gearbox.

    I'm assuming all this has been done at home and now the car doesn't drive? Start again, drain engine, change filter add engine oil. Add 4.5litres to the transmission tube (the correct one this time ) If there is not enough oil in the transmission then it can't create pressure to work, is this...
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    Aftermarket radio for '02 MB E 240T Bose System

    My old alpine is 4x55 does the job perfectly and I have it loud most the time.
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    W211 SBC brake pads: I'm going in.

    Has your sport even got sbc? I'd imagine it has abr, this means stadard bleeding method will work and changing the brakes won't come with any warnings! Do check though! As for bleeding sbc with the pedal it will never work.
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    Aftermarket radio for '02 MB E 240T Bose System

    I have Bose in my c43, when I bought it the car it was running a Sony head unit, I wanted to run my alpine so perchased a similar unit to the above, it made diddley squat difference! I'm aware that the Bose amp and speakers run at a lower ohm rating but seriously there was no audible difference.
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