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    C/A207 E Class

    There's not alot of space in the back. I'm not tall at 5ft 10 but if carrying passengers behind me, I'd have to reel the seat forwards to an uncomfortable driving position. I never had any issues with the pano roof or suspension. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have put 6 litres of petrol in my diesel E350 2011

    I know because I was in a similar position. Mobilo outsourced a flat bed to take the car to a main dealer. I called the main dealer who said they will, if I recall correctly, replace all the fuel lines, fuel filter, fuel pump, injectors and I think the tank as well. I said haven't turned the...
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    I have put 6 litres of petrol in my diesel E350 2011

    Mobilo don't drain tanks. They simply put the vehicle on a flat bed lorry and transport the car to the dealer. The dealer would strip everything and replace it with new parts for thousands of pounds.
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    If you're going to have a puncture .......

    7200 miles on a pair of tyres ? Ouch
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    What do you use on this trim?

    Just use something like Autoglym Super Resin polish with a microfibre cloth. Try it first in a corner before you do the whole thing.
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    Best polish for a black paint?

    AKA clay mitt.
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    eBay nightmare...

    You can change you seller settings to exclude bidders with zero feedback or less than 99% etc Also you can sell the item to the next highest bidder if the first one falls through.
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    Wheel Cleaner?

    If you have polished or diamond cut alloys then use something like Autoglym's Custom Wheel cleaner.
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    First Time Clean.....

    Very nice! I could be wrong but I don't think you need to seal it after the wax? Wax is natural and the sealant is man made but both do the same job?
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    w211 e280cdi sport brabus chip

    Buy cheap, buy twice :)
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    Radio display screen

    In regards to suction cup on the screen, the previous owner probably preferred Google maps on their phone rather than the built in Garmin device which has it's shortcomings.
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    E Class Coupe 2012 (c207) audio options

    If you pop open the centre console armrest, you should see a port for an iPod interface cable and then you can use the vehicle's multi function steering wheel and the large centre console silver dial. You'll need a special cable available from Mercedes or try ebay if the previous owner wasn't...
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    Blue C63 detailed

    Lovely! Do you which polish products he used?
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    £150 off service plans

    £50 per year? Mercedes know how to make their customers feel as if they're onto a winner.
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    Option code 251A leather seats

    Hello. My C207 has the option code of 251A LEATHER - BLACK/ANTHRACITE according to the VIN option website. Is this the real full leather or the Artico leather? When I press down on the seats with with my hands, it doesn't look real. I was hoping one of you might know so that I would know if...
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    New E Coupe - Questions

    No rattles or squeaks from mine. It's a 2012 model with 60k miles.
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    Do dealerships give gifts?

    If you don't ask, you don't get. My car was a second hand from the main dealership. I got an umbrella, AMG mats, keyrings and personalised number plate made up on top of annual road tax and tank of fuel.
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    Kerbed alloy

    I've heard a story when they come unstuck on a motorway and then damage the flanks of your bodywork as they fly off.
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    Dont be doing this. Enough already!!

    Also common courtesy when using urinals is to (if there's space) leave one vacant urinal between users.
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    Mercedes Source YouTube channel.

    Yes thread police here :) I posted something about his vblogs a few months ago. At one stage I was quite addicted to watching them
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