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  1. alecmascot

    Air conditioning

    The blinking light is "low pressure". Since the system hs been pressurised, it will be a failute of the pressure sernsor.
  2. alecmascot

    Mercedes c220d service

    based on the previous model, the gearbox is due every 75000 miles, air and fuel filters are every 4 years, brake fluid every two years along with the cabin filter and of course and annual engine oil and filter change. So work from there. I would find a local Merc Indy to do the gearbox and farm...
  3. alecmascot

    Diesel Smell

    With the engine running listen for "chuffing" near the fuel injectors
  4. alecmascot

    Diff fluid approval
  5. alecmascot

    W204 eco mode switch does nothing

    That's good
  6. alecmascot

    W204 eco mode switch does nothing

    Use the Carsoft to read he Aircon pressure !
  7. alecmascot

    Greetings from South Africa. I'm the owner of a c220 cdi OM651

    Because of the difference in viscosity you can have a one way leak where air bleeds in but fuel does not come out. What do the connexions look like to the fuel filter. Do they have the original clips? You have to check the connexions all the way back to the high pressure fuel pump which is on...
  8. alecmascot

    Greetings from South Africa. I'm the owner of a c220 cdi OM651

    I checked mine this morning. This does not happend after 48 hours standing . You have an air leak, maybe at the fuelf ilter connections ?
  9. alecmascot

    Help needed with part number.

    You omitted the aircon compressor ?? Assuming that was an oversight : A0029934296 2035mm long
  10. alecmascot

    Can anyone help with spring code please?

    Front strut A 204 320 28 66 , Front spring A 204 321 23 04 Rear Spring A 204 324 06 04 1 X Violet 1 X Yellow Rear Shim A 210 325 02 84 9mm
  11. alecmascot

    W205 drain pipes

    Check the drains near the wiper shafts....
  12. alecmascot

    Steering Turning / Power Steering Issue

    Wheel tyre combination and cold weather...they all do that. Search the forum.
  13. alecmascot

    Coolant colour change

    "Mercedes-Benz adopted an ingenious and unique answer to this problem that allowed the15-year/150,000-mile change interval to be recommended starting in 2002: a packet of silicate gel built into the coolant overflow tank. Somewhat similar to the little envelopes of silica that are used in the...
  14. alecmascot

    Coolant colour change

    I believe only the initial factory fill is 15 years.
  15. alecmascot

    B1F4500 error code

    My main battery seemed fine no issues at all except for S/S. All your codes say "Starter Battery" so that is the one to change.
  16. alecmascot

    B1F4500 error code

    Fixed mine...
  17. alecmascot

    B1F4500 error code

    You changed the wrong battery....
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