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  1. DaveE320CDI

    Bentley Boy!

    Lovely car and great choice of engine! cannot beat the torque of a big diesel, quite surprised that you have got away with no comments of poisoning the planet etc from some on here 👍
  2. DaveE320CDI

    Petronas olis are 25% off at Halfords

    OK Rodger just thought id mention it 👍
  3. DaveE320CDI

    Petronas olis are 25% off at Halfords

    This states that it is not for vehicles fitted with a DPF! dont know whether that affects any of you?
  4. DaveE320CDI

    Jut to say check your valve caps

    Halfords for plastic caps
  5. DaveE320CDI

    Clarkson's Pub

    obviously not a fan of Jeremy then! Killer
  6. DaveE320CDI

    Taking a punt on this C63, deposit paid

    Now Now Be nice!
  7. DaveE320CDI

    Subtle Mods for a W211 E55AMG

    Hi North star, Its true what Bellow says cast iron can be welded! but its quite a involved process with pre-heating the item usually in a oven up to temperature so it is even throughout the casting and then welded this is to prevent the casting cracking as it cools so yes welding is possible PS...
  8. DaveE320CDI

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    You are a complete Fu$ck wit and would guess that your not born from these shores
  9. DaveE320CDI

    I’m in ❤️❤️❤️

    Very nice! this isnt too bad either Auto Trader UK - New and Used Cars For Sale
  10. DaveE320CDI

    Happy Birthday, MissyD

    Happy Birthday Missy🎂🍾
  11. DaveE320CDI

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    No not saying scrap the NHS in Scotland, im saying scrap the free care home system that exists there which we do not have in England along with the free prescriptions for everybody and student tuition fees
  12. DaveE320CDI

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    I would welcome the Scottish independence as long has the free health care and prescriptions student loans etc were scraped then it would be a level playing field! as said before let the English have a vote on Scottish independence im sure that you would get your wish 100%
  13. DaveE320CDI

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Most of them have! there down here with us in England! but they hate us:wallbash:
  14. DaveE320CDI

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

  15. DaveE320CDI

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    I think coming out with that statement is pure poison, and shows what a really nice person that you are! you should be ashamed of yourself! regardless of what you think of him politically, shame on you
  16. DaveE320CDI

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Must have been the one when they were touring east Germany on his motorbike with her on pillion Yes?
  17. DaveE320CDI

    Re: Serpentine belt fitting

    From the photo it looks as though part of it has corroded away? possibly why you cannot find a socket to fit, have you ordered a new tensioner if so then check that👍PS I would not re-fit that old tensioner anyway better with a new one given the age of it
  18. DaveE320CDI

    EGR system removal.

    Ha Ha:banana: Got yer!!!!!!!!!
  19. DaveE320CDI

    EGR system removal.

    Don't forget the time spent selling used cars too!! im sure that you were a well qualified motor mechanic i dont think! where was it Halfords?
  20. DaveE320CDI

    EGR system removal.

    Both of you REALLY do not understand how a internal combustion engine works!! maybe best you both switch to EC less complicated
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