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  1. Big Janner

    So Trump has been found guilty

    That might have been a point of view in 1835 when Jackson survived two attempts or 1865 when Lincoln was assassinated. Trump is one of three ex presidents to survive attempts at assassination. I think that the slippery slope is already well populated and your concerns, whilst laudable, are...
  2. Big Janner

    Matching Green, Essex, Classic Car Show Sunday 14th July 2024

    Just the two of us then. Do you want to meet up before hand? If so, any suggestions as to where? If not I'll take a look at Google maps and see if there is anywhere suitable. I'll be in my not very old GLc, Dark Blue
  3. Big Janner

    Father's Day 2024

    It can be arranged
  4. Big Janner

    Rugby legend Rob Burrow dies age 41

    Ain't that the truth . . . .it's strange how our category one jails stay well populated whilst good people, like Rob, are taken at such a young age
  5. Big Janner

    Matching Green, Essex, Classic Car Show Sunday 14th July 2024

    Stick my name down MissyD, planned to do it last year, but family got in the way No1 grandson has his own car now, so, no pressure now
  6. Big Janner

    Do You Volunteer? Where? Why?

    Uummmmm. . . This will need a decision from the committee
  7. Big Janner

    Do You Volunteer? Where? Why?

    Isn't that kind of the same thing? Giving up your time, for the good of others
  8. Big Janner

    Virtual Pub

    Don't suppose you could do me a Thames Water?
  9. Big Janner

    Do You Volunteer? Where? Why?

    I'll start Yes At a Nationsl Trust property in Coggeshall; Paycockes House I have always been fascinated by old buildings Volunteering helps me feel as though I am giving something back, after a lifetime of being too busy When she was here, it got me out of my wife's hair for a few...
  10. Big Janner


    Janner; A corruption of John and my nickname within our small boating fraternity. Big; because 'Janner' was already taken. Boring really . . . . . (Hey . .this could be my new forum name . . . . .hmmm)
  11. Big Janner

    What is your job?

    Wasted my time at school . . .titting about Did my apprenticeship at Stuart Turners in Heley on Thames. Left in 1973 when impending marriage meant getting better paid job, closer to home. Spent 9 months machining stainless steel, steel and perspex. Then blagged a mechanical fitters job with...
  12. Big Janner


    Agreed Absolutely It was a good day out and well worth the 6 hours on the road to get there and back. Whilst I managed to turn up in a MB this time (GLc), it faded into the background where for me, the SL's shone. I still mourn the loss of my SL, but I at least had the satisfaction of drooling...
  13. Big Janner


    I can bring a bottle of not expensive, but decent quaffing red wine with me, if it helps
  14. Big Janner


    Given that the Wisley junction is going to be inaccessible, I'll be going M25, over the bridge and then M23, A24 & A27 I think. Anyone else planning to do a similar run?
  15. Big Janner

    Word association game

  16. Big Janner


    Looks like it's M25, M23, A23 and A272 and an extra hour for me.
  17. Big Janner

    Wembley car show

    Actually, because they all do a low limited annual mileage, classics ard actually cleaner overall, than most other vehicles When I had a TR6, it was limited to 1,500 miles a year I did 12,000 miles a year in my SL and my wife's Kuga, combined But, yes, yum
  18. Big Janner

    I Finally got Caught Last Monday Morning

    OK gentlemen and ladies of the forum; My replacement GLc Arrived on time, but with a NOX sensor blown, it happened on the delivery trip on the M1 at Bedford, so well into the journey. Because it was in Blackburn and because I had done it successfully twice before (my R172 SLK and the R231 SL) I...
  19. Big Janner

    Caffeine&Machine Presents: Mercedes Yard Meet @ The Bowl monday 16.59

    I'm working otherwise I would give it a go . . . . .is it a regular meet?
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