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    Mercedes c220d service

    My other half had this on his Range Rover. It felt bouncy like driving on a washboard. Wheels balanced and alloys checked for roundness. The LR indie had it up on the ramps and they put a straight edge on the tyre. Then started the car and drove it. He said the tyre out of shape was immediately...
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    icarsoft MD v2 or v3?

    Hi morning all. We're looking at purchasing an icarsoft for our cars. I've hubby has confirmed from them that the V2 will cover my A207 and his X218. But then he found the V3. Would you recommend the V2 or V3 before we get one. As most only to be used as driveway DIYing. Sorry meant to write MB...
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    Comand online/Engine data - Display not working properly

    On our new to us 2016 CLS Sporting brake 220, the engine data display doesn't accurately show the power or torque being used. Actually whilst normal driving when you lift or feather the throttle iss displays what you are using. However when you apply power it stays at zero. It's almost as if the...
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    Which tyre pressues CLS Sporting brake with 19's

    Yep these are light loads and the manual just refers you to the values on the flap. Just wondering if they're high for a reason by the previous owner. I'll adjust them back down.
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    Which tyre pressues CLS Sporting brake with 19's

    Our new to us CLS has 19 inch alloys fitted with 255 & 285 tyres. The sticker on the fuel flap say 2.3 bar all round. The tyre pressure readings via the command show they are set at 2.5 front and 2.6 bar rear. Should I adjust them to the sticker values?.
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    Genuine merc oil or aftermarket oil

    Try Smith and allan and look up the spec.
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    E250 or E350 CDI Estate

    Well here it is. We picked it up on Friday with the reserve fuel light on, but we chickened out and put a splash of fuel in on the way home. £28 of diesel took it to just under half a tank. Very refreshing after the Range Rover was £120+ all day long to fill. As per our test drive it was so...
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    E250 or E350 CDI Estate

    Well after some viewing over the weekend and to cut a long story short, he/we have purchased a CLS220 Sport brake, 64k with full MBSH and 2 owners. Have to say we're quite excited and a lovely example. Collecting it on Friday.
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    E250 or E350 CDI Estate

    Yeah we saw that but it's blutech. He's also mentioned another 350 in Mercland but again blutech, although this morning you can view the summary on their website but once you try and open it it's "site unavailable. So perhaps it's gone?.
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    E250 or E350 CDI Estate

    Mmm so some reading on here implies Blue efficiency is OK, blutech is bad?. They were old posts so is that still the current thinking?.
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    E250 or E350 CDI Estate

    Well he does 22 miles a day mainly on B roads (we're in the sticks) and I've had mine nearly 10 months doing less miles but occasional Heathrow trips and have had no problems with DPF getting needy. Even if he chooses a 350 petrol, there simply isn't many about........
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    E250 or E350 CDI Estate

    We've decided to sell my husbands Range Rover Sport. He's owned it for 7 years now and it's time to move on. He's doing research on what he'd like next; which is a BMW 530/535d or E350 CDI (W212). However I've said to him about an E250 estate as mine is a E250 cabriolet (A207) and has plenty of...
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    E Class Convertible - What's it like living with one?

    I've recently purchased an E250 CDI 2010 back at the end of August to replace my Mini cabriolet. I had to scratch that itch as they say. I don't do many miles with occasional trips to Heathrow for work trip, so it gets a run then. So with that in mind hubby said I'd need a petrol car. We (more...
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    Who made the windscreen?

    In the quest to get my interior mirror fixed. Who made the windscreen?. E250 CDI 2010. i'm overseas at the mo and the car is at Heathrow. I'm told that the interior mirror arm was bonded on by the manufacturer then sent to the build line for the mirror to be added.
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    PO471 with slow acceleration

    Hi all. I'm off to Norway via Heathrow tomorrow. My hubby went to fill the car up with V-power diesel today and on his return said the car feels quite flat. Its normally quite zippy when you want to. He's plugged the generic code reader and it only had one code (as above). Hes had a google and...
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    Got flashed now waiting on the postman

    Yep 80 on the speedo, the digital read out in the cluster and indeed towards the M25 not the 50 zone going away from the M25. I'll asking him to have a look on the map where he thinks it was. But no restrictions at the time.
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