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    Just had word from my mate who still works in the MOT station I worked in a good few years ago- he phoned me as a 190 came in for its test and he knows I love old Mercs! The current owner seemingly just bought it for its plate, but needed an MOT to get the plate off- it only got 1 advisory for a...
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    New car, but not Mercedes.

    It has been a really bad time lately- My sister and I lost our mum 3 months ago- she had Alzheimers and my sister and brother and law took early retirement and moved in with her to look after her, and 10 weeks later he passed away. Devastating. I've just been out to give it a good going over...
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    New car, but not Mercedes.

    I'm a huge Volvo fan, and have owned many, from a 265GLE to an 850T5. My Brother in Law was always a Ford man, with a few detours with VW and Peugeot, so a good few months ago he surprised us all by saying he really wanted a new V40! A windfall came his way so he went off to the local Volvo...
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    Morris minor

    And the extra strips on the bumpers, tooling had already been finalised for them. Helped restore one a while back- great fun to drive!
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    Morris minor

    Alec Issigonis did that in the Forties!
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    Frankfurt Motor Show

    I'm just back from there- the place is MASSIVE. Arrived there at about 10am, and left at 7PM, and didn't get close to seeing everything. The Mercedes hall was packed, but what a show. The G-Wagen display was amazing, the thing just drove up at idle with no problem, even in the rain...
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    4 hour wait for MB roadside recovery :(

    Hmm, service doesn't sound as polished as they made it out when I applied for the job. Didn't get it..not an ex MB tech you see. Seems crazy they are sending out contractors... so I'm not good enough to help you guys, unless the "proper" guys are busy,lazy,or off shift. Permission to snigger...
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    laziness with breakdown renewal - a warning

    Read the small print carefully with the breakdown cover you get with your bank account. I often have to tell people at the side of the road that it only covers them for 10 miles. Not ideal 300 miles from home on a Sunday.
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    How German cars beat British motors - and kept going

    They said on the programme that the Mini was £350? I'm sure the Mini was launched at £496? Interesting hour for me, as I've spent a lot of time over there and have visited a few factories, but their home market is changing too- when I were a lad, you saw nothing but VW, Mercedes and Audi, but...
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    Anybody from Fife / Glenrothes ?

    I'm in Glenrothes- not familiar with the name, but if you need any help just shout!
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    Mr Sheen as a car polish?

    I used it all the time on my bikes,cars,helmet, visor, the lot- great shine,fast and no issues if I'd ever had to repair a bit of paintwork. I brought home a box of 12 cans of Sonax aerosol wax from Germany, and it's every bit the same as Mr Sheen... but doesn't smell as nice!
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    The Koreans Are Coming

    God ,I hope not:eek:
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    Kwik Fit and their tricks ....

    Your money, their tricks BBC - Media Centre - BBC One?s Your Money, Their Tricks investigates Kwik-Fit
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    Kwik Fit and their tricks ....

    Kwik Fit always get singled out for bad customer service, but being the biggest always makes you prime target, just look at the amount of bad press Scotland's biggest dealership chain gets.. I'm in and out of garages every day now and some of the conversations I hear, recommendations I hear, and...
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    Kwik Fit and their tricks ....

    That programme had a whistleblower..I'll be this place's whistleblower as I have also worked for Kwik-Fit.. TWICE. The training Kwik-Fit supply, with dedicated training centres is superb, far above what you would expect. You must attend these courses to be allowed to work on various parts of...
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    Todays list of broken down cars

    There's one straight away where most of the issues are down to owners neglect.. A K series head gasket is a "fuse"- the problem lies elsewhere which causes the "fuse" to blow. Vauxhalls tend to be sensor issues, which is unavoidable. Timing chains which usually is. Snapped camshafts, gearbox...
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    Todays list of broken down cars

    Yes, if you buy a Q7, tick the box for the optional fire extinguisher!:rolleyes:
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    Todays list of broken down cars

    In experience from working on them in garages, MOT'ing them and recovering them from the side of the road, no. I find a lot of them driven by schoolteachers who like to have motoring holidays in France who make sure they are 100% for the trips..and still get left on the hard shoulder... no...
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    Todays list of broken down cars

    All in a days work... backs up my feelings and comments about Vauxhall's and Renaults though!
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