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    W209 Visit workshop battery malfunction

    Ah.. the Triumph Stag! Been there, done that! Lovely car, almost a Coventry built Mercedes SL. Don't spend as much time watching the temperature gauge with the Dollies though :D
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    W209 Visit workshop battery malfunction

    Cars, built up the road from you at Canley :) SJJ_0974 by mark_sexton, on Flickr
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    W209 Visit workshop battery malfunction

    Thanks all for your helpful suggestions :) Having thought about it since this would seem a good place to start. Will also still check the alternator and battery are both ok. Don't get these problems with my old Triumphs...
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    W209 Visit workshop battery malfunction

    Evening all, I haven't posted on here for a long time as my 2004 CLK320 has been behaving perfectly. however, this evening the 'Visit Workshop' battery warning light came on briefly and logged a malfunction. It occurred while accelerating vigorously ;) and although it went out after a short...
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    CLK W209 glove box catch

    Well, after 40 minutes of swearing at it and deciding that taking the cd changer out to get at the striker wasn't something to embark on at 9pm with fading light, I started the engine to move the car on the drive. Gave the glove box another slam and.. it shut and latched as usual! B@''@r me...
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    CLK W209 glove box catch

    Opened and tried to close my glove box today, not an unusual thing to try doing, but the glove box would not latch shut. Can't see anything amiss but something must have decided to stop working. Any suggestions would be helpfully received. It's a coupe, by the way.
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    On my CLK the fusebox at the end of the fascia nearest the driver's door contains a leaflet showing where all fuses are located. Might you perhaps have something similar? There are also loads of images of similar leaflets on Google!
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    car gone into total meltdown - battery, alternator, regulator, CPU or something else?

    Hi Upex, Can thoroughly recommend Alex Crow - he's based in Stowmarket but I consider it well worth the 140 mile round trip from here. He's quite a bit closer to you. Hope you get it sorted.
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    Estimate for Bodywork on CLK W208

    That's a bit harsh! If the OP's owned the car for 8+ years and is planning to spend some time/ money on it, he's probably formed a bit of an emotional bond. Good luck with your restoration. If the car is still on the road, visit a few businesses to get some quotes. Personally I'd visit a few...
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    380SLC - 1980 model- auto gearbox

    For a MB indy I can thoroughly recommend Alex Crow who is based in Stowmarket; he's about the same distance from you as he is from me. However, as your car isn't full of modern electrickery you may be just as well to try a good classic car garage. I've previously used Richard Shrive, who is...
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    Stepper problem

    I had the ticking flap problem last autumn on my (new to me) CLK320. In my case the whole dash did have to come out as it was the charcoal filter flap actuator which had failed. However, the indy did say that that was the worst one to do. If it's not that one it may be accessible by other...
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    DIY Paintwork YES or NO NO

    A friend & I bought a Triumph Stag with ropey bodywork in places last summer - it was basically solid but with some cosmetic rust. I was surprised at how good a finish we managed to get using rattle cans, to the extent that we were able to blend in a repair to a wheelarch lip, as well as the...
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    E270 Transmission problem. No Drive. HEEEEELLLPPPP

    When I got my CLK320 last August it only has 63500 miles on the clock but had some similar symptoms - working fine if you keep the revs low, sticking in particular revs, complete loss of drive on one occasion. Turning the engine off & back on would immediately reset everything back to normal...
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    Battery conditioner

    Similar question to revive this thread - Has anyone used a battery conditioner successfully with a W209 CLK320? If so, any recommendations? I was thinking of getting a Ctek MXS 3.8A. Would this be big enough to work, sophisticated enough not to break anything? The hand book's full of dire...
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    Soft Tops

    Definitely instructions in the handbook; in my copy it's pages 404 - 412. Apparently your tool kit should contain two straps and an allen key for this purpose - I wouldn't know as mine's a coupe!
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    Interior Clanking noise

    +1 for it being a stepper motor. My indy charged me for 8 hours labour to remove the whole dash as it was the motor on the charcoal filter that had failed. The motor was £109. As everything was in bits I had all the cogs and link arms replaced at the same time - on a CLK these parts came to an...
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    The dirtyiest car this year!!!

    Me too!
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    Navigation using cd-based Comand 2

    Alfie, Thank you very much for posting these instructions Should the 'Start Guidance' option appear at this point? Does this second 'ok' go to the 'NAVI Route Mode' screen or should guidance just start? All the videos I've been able to find have been for the more modern DVD or HDD...
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    Obd ii

    The preferred position for the OBDII port is on the driver's side of the car: Quote from '': The OBD2 DLC should be located in the passenger or driver's compartment in the area bounded by the driver's end of the instrument panel to 300 mm (~1 ft) beyond the vehicle centerline...
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    Navigation using cd-based Comand 2

    The car was new to me this summer and I've never previously had/ used a navigation system. I'm still not sure that I'm using the system correctly as the Comand manual isn't actually a great deal of help. At several points I'm directed to P199 of the owner's manual to select 'calculating a...
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