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    Rear Wheel Drive !?!

    Hi, I have just purchased a 2010 250CDI E class and just want to confirm it is rear wheel drive.:o Only when i parked on a wet muddy bit of grass the other day the car got slightly stuck in the process of getting out with a good dose of wheel spin the front wheels slung mud all over the...
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    Android phones pairing/connecting with MB Bluetooth

    Try this site. My Galaxy 2 connects with no problem to the NAV50 in my 2010 E class. It also connected ok to my previous C class with Comand although i had to push the contacts through as opposed to the Comand pulling them through!
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    Latest Maps are TomTom!

    Hi, How do you get this data- version? I have an NAV50 (not comand) and am trying to see what map version i have installed?
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    Backer Map Pilot Conversion

    Hi, Does anyone know whether the Nav 50 in a W212 can be converted to use the Becker Map Pilot as used in post 2011 E class?
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    W212: Is swapping an Audio 20 to Nav 50 easy?

    Can you retrofit the newer Becker Map Pilot unit to the W212?
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    Combined iPhone Bluetooth, dab and iPhone music possible???

    Hiya, I recently sold a Kenwood DNX9240 all in one unit and it was fantastic. Touch screen, remote on steering wheel compatible,full ipod integration with full graphics, Garmin sat nav, Radio, USB, TV, DVD great sound/amp etc etc Just google Kenwood Electronics. Alpine alsodo double din units i...
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    APS 50 vs Comand on a 2010 E250

    Hi, I have spent all weekend googling to try and find specifications to compare APS 50 vs Comand. Can anyone enlighten me on the differences or point me in the right direction where I can find offical specifications etc of the 2 systems. The car i am considering is an E250 Sport 2010 What I...
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    Rumbling Brakes

    Well, I thought I may give you an update: Since my last post the Car has been in a further 3 times, the last 2 visits to MB Dealership. I have now had a further 3 sets of discs and pads fitted to front, new discs and pads on rear, n/s flange adjusted and n/s brake calliper cleaned up due to...
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    Colour of Windscreen

    As well as numerous other bits way down the page it reads: equipment package for avantgarde vehicles (с 01.06.1993) rotating emergeny flasher, front (red light)
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    Colour of Windscreen

    Vin/Engine and Chassis number all correct with MB paperwork and V5:confused:
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    Colour of Windscreen

    Hi Dec Thanks for the reply tried the link and got this: blue heat-insulating glass all round, rear window (laminated safety glass) (с 01.10.1995) Now this is getting interesting Just noticed on my invoice from MB Main dealer -Make & model CLK220CDI Elegance!!!
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    CLK Lumber Support - Pump

    The problem is the lumber adjustemnt no longer works, MB main dealer is telling me the pump has packed in and want £370.00 to replace it!!!!! The pump failed following a rear end shunt I was involved in. Car now repaired but pump not working I want to know whether the pump is at the rear of the...
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    Colour of Windscreen

    Hi, Just returned from Autoglass to replace my windscreen however they had ordered a blue screen - my W209 CLK Avantgarde has a Green screen!:mad: They were adament that Avantgardes have Blue glass and its the Elegance that has Green - and mine must be a special!!!!! Can anyone shed any...
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    CLK Lumber Support - Pump

    Hi, Where is the air pump located for the lumbar supports in a W209 CLK?
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    Which Engine Oil - W209 220CDI?

    Hi What is the specification (API etc) of the oil I should be using in my 220CDi engine? 'Mobile 1' is recommended by MB but at a crazy price - £16.99 for 1Ltr at Halfords :eek::eek::eek: Thanks
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    Rumbling Brakes

    I am very easy on the brakes, I drive to maintain a low fuel consumption, so I very rarely brake hard!
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    Rumbling Brakes

    Here I am again :( Looks like the second set installed a few weeks ago are now warping. I am starting to pull my hair out on this one. What could be the causes?
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    Rumbling Brakes

    Picked the car up yesterday from MB, Chelmsford - All Sorted - Again :D New discs and pads on the front replaced under MB parts warranty.:) MB engineer claimed the discs had warped in about 500 miles ' could be a faulty batch', although in his 20 yrs experience never had this before. Funny...
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    Rumbling Brakes

    Update; Car has gone back to TEC who have put it on two rolling roads - looks like the front discs only replaced 4 weeks ago have warped. Ive now got to take it to my main MB dealer who will investigate the problem as the discs and pads are covered under warranty. A little worrying seeing...
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    Rumbling Brakes

    Well, 1,000 miles later with new front discs and pads fitted and WHAT. Same problem :eek::confused::( :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash: Any ideas
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