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    Wanted: W123 280ce

    eBay link but it's a 230ce
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    Wanted: W123 280ce

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    Cheap 230ce coupe on eBay 271760236141

    Put my motor up forsale now got to many cars lovely old coupe new head and gasket fitted
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    need help 230 ce coupe high revs, where do the vacum hoses go

    think thats a diffrent engine to mine
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    need help 230 ce coupe high revs, where do the vacum hoses go

    just had new head and gasket fitted and engine is running well, but revs up to 2000 revs till u put it in drive then they drop again. has any one got any pictures of engine bays to see where ll the vacuum hoses go see if i have them fitted wright
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    230 e breking 1989 in white

    breaking a 230 e 4 door in white let me know what you need cheap parts
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    May break my ce 230 h reg

    Head gasket has gone and a shell has been badly burnt in block trying to famine a engine but cant may break if enough interest Complete car Lowered 40mm on springs Totally standard 16 inch merc wheels Cream leather interior very good condition Lots more please let me know what u need...
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    Merc ce230 engine

    H reg mate
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    124 parts for sale

    U still got the wheels mate
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    Merc ce230 engine

    Need a new engine for my merc 230 ce or even a 3.o if it will fit in to my gearbox
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