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    Mayweather-McGregor Fight ---Anyone Paying To View

    Hatton was a 2 weight world champion and was no mug, only lost 3 fights ,2 to better world champions. Always makes me laugh how armchair fight fans belittle fighters when they have never stepped into a ring and couldn't fight sleep.:fail Agree with the pie thing though.
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    Best looking Mercedes AMG

    My GTs, don't think much of the new front ends tbh But might grow on me.
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

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    CL500 doubts.

    Maybe boring is the wrong word seeing as I kept the car over 4 years. There's not much about that floats my boat, having done the lotus and 911 Sl route in the past, just fancied going back to that stage before I became an old fogey.
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    CL500 doubts.

    I had a nearly new CL500 just over 2k on the clock, had almost every extra on it. But as much as I liked it, wonderful car, after a while it just got a bit boring to drive so I thought about having one last fling and bought the current car. Now I think I might of made a bit of a ric and quite...
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    Number plate opinions?

    My parents bought me a plate with my initials back in 73, for £65, had it on every car since. I left it off this one for the first year as I wasn't sure it was a keeper.
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    Amg gts

    I like the new gtc, wider than a gts at the rear , must look a beast being followed. The rear wheels are 12in on 325 tyres.
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    Amg gts

    12 months on still enjoying mine. Stick it in comfort mode and it's just like driving a normal car.
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    The Football Thread

    I can imagine. We moved from Manchester to N Wales in the 60s, a Utd Mersy side enclave, I was the only city fan in school,:eek: utter torment I don't think I ever got over it.
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    Hopefully soon to be CL500 owner

    I had one, 2010 Amg kit fully loaded every extra you can imagine, it only had 2k miles when I got it. I had it 5 years best car I've had tbh. Should of kept it.
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    The Football Thread

    I have had a season ticket for Man City since 1974. in fact I'm just killing time before me and my lad set off for today's match. 130 mile round trip.
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    How much do you pay for insurance

    £712 for mine last year. Gone up to 1k with the same firm. So much for 40 years of no claims.
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    Dealing with Tailgators

    I always signal then pull into the curb,if possible, wave my hand for them to pass, then pull out behind them. The look on the face is priceless, all open mouth and dumb, which is what they are.
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    AMG Private Lounge

    Give it a swerve if I was you ,the Gt thread is full of yank Porsche fan boys who seem to have a bit of a downer on the Amg gt.
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    2018 Mercedes AMG GT Roadster Spied

    Rear wheels look concaved and fill the arches better. Also a GTC between the GTS and the GTR coming out, maybe a Targa top.
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    Mercedes AMG GTR Unveiling - Video

    Like the front and rear end, just makes my gts less special now.
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    Do you even lift?

    I ran a gym for over 30 years, very well known in my neck of the woods, in fact I'm just killing time on here before I head off for my mid morning session.
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    Oh dear test drove the "f" type v8

    I know it's naughty but on the M56 last Saturday morning, had a bit of fun with a jag soft top, He tried but couldn't shake me, then pulled over to the centre lane to let me pass. All good fun and plenty of noise.
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    Cleaning up my grandparents grave's, my mum is too frail to do it any more, so she gave me the job. Thought I would stay over but won't bother now.
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