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    C63 - M156 or M177??

    I couldnt find a post that takes this angle, so apols if there is one. But my question here is ONLY about the engine, not the body/year. I am fortunate to have a bonus to buy a C63, at last. In the UK, 25k-35k will get a reasonable 204/6.2 or a 205/4.0 twinturbo. So your thoughts, please, for...
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    W203 battery drain : how to investigate

    Hi All, I have a recent and serious drain problem. 13.2 to 11.8 overnight. ie locked and left as normal. Meaning basic but minimal systems and services should be running in the background. But something abnormal is draining the battery. Its a new battery, so disconnected and charging now. I...
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    Replace / Repair ?? Comand unit (NTG2) on W203

    Any suggestions on a way to cost effectively replace my COMAND unit.?? Short story is, one day last week the NAV would not boot, screen and logo came on, but shut down after about 20secs. Then repeat behaviour. 2 days later the car would'nt start at all. Nothing. Infact the battery was...
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