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    HK vs Burmester.

    This is interesting as I`m going from HK in a BMW to a possible Burmester in an E class, Ive got to say HK has not been dissapointing to say the least
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    2018 Mercedes E Class Coupe Limited Edition 1

    I wonder if the Edition 1 will make it to the UK as its limited to 555
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    E-Class Coupe Press Release

    Looks like the edition 1 for the new coupe is restricted to 555 worldwide - I wonder if the UK is getting any?
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    12 days to go..

    you will absolutely love it, I drive exactly that same spec. E250 CDi coupe sport. black with red leather and had it almost 10month from new, I changed from an audi A5 3.0 tdi quattro, TBH I do miss the power but that said the merc is so refined and the fuel economy is also on the plus now that...
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    Tv entertainment

    You could always try this.... ES556 7 Digital Touchscreen TV Car Headrest Monitor with Zipper [ES556] - US$194.00 :
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    Android phones pairing/connecting with MB Bluetooth

    you should`nt have any problems whatsoever, I have had a galaxy S2, Blackberry 9800/9900 Bold and HTC`s connected to my e class and a friends S class as well as various hired mercedes with no issues. pairing once activated should be automatic and contacts once uploaded should be streamlined with...
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    any pictures????? fantastic colour combo......congrats on the purchase
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    Desperate for advice, bought the wrong car!

    Why dont you sell your A1 diesel privately on Autotrader or something and then buy the merc outright to save more money- on the other hand 3k lost is not a massive hit like on some cars.
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    The Latest Tactic In Mercedes Dealer Scare-Mongering...

    i saw that stand on show at mercedes benz Blackburn on tuesday, it was`nt all that impressive. comparitives were based on quality but failed to show prices as that would have been the decider for many...some were even missing probably been nicked.
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    C63 coupe

    I think that spec is fantastic....congrats on the purchase anyhow
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    Hello E Class bye bye 5 Series

    I remember the days, After the cavalier sri I bought a calibra, what a car I love it to rattled...but you lived with it.
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    'Top up coolant level' question

    Had to call mobilo out this afternoon - service was very efficient, the sign showing on the dash was a leaking inlet manifold so theyve taken her away and now waiting for a hire vehicle, I hope it something nice...
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    'Top up coolant level' question

    Hi did you manage to get to the bottom of this message that came on you screen as I have just seen it flash on my dashboard, my car is 7 month old and I`m getting concerned,
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    Gone wrong after 4 weeks! this might help...
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    Lookout! There's a new C63 about

    Looks brilliant and I bet it drives equally as good...enjoy and congrats
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    Autotrader quicksale

    WBAC: the business model is all based on knocking down the price when they are at the collection point, they are yet to pay any customer the price agreed at initial point of contact. they will scrutinise the vehicle and lower the price stupendously. if the customer dis agrees and wants to walk...
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    2007 C209 Clk240 wont rev past 3900

    it may have gone into limp mode. any warning lights/messages on the dash?
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    Selling a left hand drive car?

    Hard top for an A4. Is this Bespoke? made by wiesman or something?
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    DIY wrapping, with photos.

    Thats looks amazing, did you take any of the panels out to do the work?
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    Thinking about hiring out our cars

    Hi and Welcome on board, I have a different view to the above, their may be a business case if the right parameters are set. i.e mileage restrictions e.g. 125 miles a day like AVIS and age related hire etc etc.. I am married into a family where exotic/top end car hire is the a business model and...
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