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    Brake Cleaner problems

    Hey all - ive been using Polygard brake cleaner solvent for years, no issues, performs well, doesnt make me ill etc. Recently bought some Mannol brand brake cleaner and it has ruined my trusty Wurth pressure sprayer over night - the viton o rings/seals are all swollen. Anyone know whats going...
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    Which aftermarket brands are decent - suspension arms etc.

    Thanks for your input everyone. Couldn't get lemforder, meyle or oem so went for febi for a get-us-by repair. Time will long it lasts ....
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    Which aftermarket brands are decent - suspension arms etc.

    Which aftermarket brands are decent? - for suspension arms etc. Used to go OEM (can't source atm) or Lemforder (also no stock). I know Lemforder have dropped in quality - who else should we go for or even definitely avoid? Assuming the higher the price = better quality, but i know that isnt...
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    Should Brake Pads be worn out after 8k miles

    Glad you found out they were not actually in need of replacement - i was 'advised' the same on my B service last year - when checked, pads had 8mm on them... Although my W204 C250 used to eat front pads, roughly every 10k mi. - the calipers/pads were far too small for the weight of the car...
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    E250 S212 Vibrations on idle...

    My C250 CDi is doing the same. has been for about 9 months now - car went in for leaking manifold gasket (which has come back.. yey, plastic fancraptastic..) Indie said engine mounts were shot, quoted about £500 to do as one is a pain. I drove to Austria in feb and the vibration was unbearable...
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    SRS W211 2006 Driver-side frontal acceleration sensor

    Does the B48/1 (or 2) always point to the same side of the car, regardless of if it is RHD or LHD do we know? Our W211 is showing B48/2 Passengers side on ICarSoft, i was wondering if it is actually Passengers side, or actually Drivers side being a RHD car. Thanks!
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    Engine Oil change W204 C250 CDi?

    How difficult is an engine oil change on a W204 C250 CDi? Is it a straight forward removal of sump plug, or do these have to be 'pumped out'? I would rather know before taking the undertrays out ideally... Thanks!
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