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    W205 New battery fitted

    Hi all, I have just had my car in and out of our local dealer with warranty problems. New disc rotors and pads seem to have removed the brake shudering. The Eco Stop-Start is now working after the dealer initialy tried a software update which was unsucsessful. Now I have had a new car...
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    W205 SatNav pronunciation problems

    Thank you Diesel Benz, How ever, the problem with that idea is that all instructions let alone town names will then be in the selected language
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    W205 SatNav pronunciation problems

    Just got back from one of my regular trips down to Malaga in my new W205 with Comand Sat Nav. The pronunciation (in English) of Spanish & French towns is appalling. My previous car was a C350 with Comand and over 7 years I had no problems with the SatNav. As an example Malaga is pronounced...
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    W204 (The new C class) quality problems?

    Possible Friday Afternoon Build Owned from new, 2010 C350 Cdi (5th Merc I've owned in over 20 years), I love the car, it's a superb car for our annual drive down to Malaga every year BUT in 4 years: New steering pump (warranty) N/S Door handle replacement (warranty) Windows & Mirror control...
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    Latest COMAND Maps

    Don't forget to obtain your carnets/vignettes for Swiss & Austria if you intend to use their autobahns.
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    W204 - PCMCIA card

    PCMCIA foibles Any one having troubles with PCMCIA interfaces and which card to use should follow the information provided by Diesel Benz. I am using a 32gb card with no problems at all.
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    What those cameras on A13 near Barking/Dagenham?

    To add to everybody's A13 woes, I have noticed that it's becoming a habit for a Police chopper to hover over the 50mph Wennington stretch and further up towards the Asda/Dagenham exit the Police bike riders wait, salivating!
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    Sound deadening internally a C350 CDI BE

    Far from it, having retired from driving Volvo F12s & F16s for over 30 years I think I would know a little about the diesel engine before I parted with £42K.
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    Sound deadening internally a C350 CDI BE

    Gasoil: "an oily liquid obtained in the fractional distillation of petroleum, boiling between the kerosene and lubricating oil fractions: used esp. as a diesel fuel and heating oil"
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    W204 Panoramic roof & all glass.

    Hi all, I own a 2010 (W204) C350 CDi with a panoramic roof. Could anybody please advise me if they know if the glass in the sliding glass roof has high UVA & UVB protection. I would also like to know if all the other glass has any UVB & UVA protective properties. I have been advised...
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    Sound deadening internally a C350 CDI BE

    Yes you are correct regarding the quietness of a 350 petrol, but with gasoil now at £1.30 per ltr. & petrol not far behind, I think the CDI was the best choice for my pocket.
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    Sound deadening internally a C350 CDI BE

    Slight engine noise heard inside the car. I hope to overcome this by fitting some sound absorbing panels.
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    Sound deadening internally a C350 CDI BE

    Look forward to your results. I remember in the 60s & 70s most cars had retro kits available.
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    Sound deadening internally a C350 CDI BE

    Hello all, I am taking delivery of a W204 C350CDi Blue Efficiency which replaces my W203 2004 180K C Class. I am over the moon with my choice but one small point to cover is that the 180K seems quieter from the inside when driving in town than the V6 of the C350. Are there any retro fit...
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