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    Wheel Paint

    Hi Dave, Like others, I'm going through the same process of finding the correct silver for my 'Sterling Silver' Alshain Alloys. Have you got any photos of the finished wheel that you painted? Regards...Sean
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    190E W201 oil in the coolant Oil cooler failure ??

    Hi I've got oil in the coolant but no signs of the head gasket gone is it possible the oil cooler could of failed causing this ?
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    W208 CLK facelift drivers side skirt

    Chees for the link. I'm not sure if thats the inner sill cover or the side skirt though?
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    W208 CLK facelift drivers side skirt

    Wanted..... W208 CLK facelift (2000) onwards, drivers side skirt any colour will do... Cheers
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    WANTED... Pics of your lowered CLK W208

    And how much you lowered it by. I want to drop mine but I'm unsure of how much... Cheers guy's:thumbsup:
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    CLK W208 Noisey Diff

    I've got an annoying noise coming from the diff. I would describe the noise as similar to a pad rubbing on a disc. Others have described it as an airflow kind of noise and another said it sounded like a cistern filling up!!!! All of which are fair comments as that's what it sounds like... I took...
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    Photoshop guru help needed please...

    Not so much covert but just the reg No. I've only just bought the CLK so I've not transfered the reg yet.
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    Photoshop guru help needed please...

    :D An inch lower maybe...
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    Photoshop guru help needed please...

    cheers stevesey... with some eibach sportline springs, I think that will look the dogs... Sean
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    Photoshop guru help needed please...

    Please can anyone help me with this photo.... I need the black sills and lower bumper parts color coding and the car lowering so the tops of the wheels are just touching the arches... I want see how it looks before I spend some cash.... Cheers...Sean
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    Lowering W208 CLK 230 coupe

    I'll ask the same question as above. but will add which of the above mentioned manufactures will provide the smoothest ride. Cheers...Sean
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    Cruise disengaging at xxmph (or uphill)

    Well I'll be ....... I put my original wheels back on and the cruise worked fine. Turns out my 18" rear wheels have the wrong profile tyres on. They've got 245/40/18's on but they should have 245/35/18's. Thanks for the info stratman. I also used a tyre profile calculator that I found on another...
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    Cruise disengaging at xxmph (or uphill)

    That's interesting!!!! My cruise has just started playing up and I've just upgraded to 18" wheels. The front tyres are both brand new on and the rears have only done about 1000 miles. Mines ok under 50mph but wont engage over 50mph. very strange??? I cant see why tyres would make a difference...
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    Fitting Facelift Sideskirts Onto A Pre-facelift W208 Clk

    I'd like to do this mod but where have the pictures gone? Also what did you do about the black rubber strip on the bottom of the door. Isnt that painted on the face lift model? Cheers...
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