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    China tyres

    They're cheap for a reason. 2 things you shouldn't skimp on are tyres and brakes. If you're on a budget go for Falken's. I swear by them. Currently got ZIEX ZE914's on my E220 CDI but had them on my Passat too.
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    W210 Odd noise when turning right

    I don't believe it to be the tyres as I had the noise when running 235/40/18 Uniroyal Rainsport 3... Now I've got 215/55/16 Falken ZE914 on and the same noise is there, albeit more noticeable. Having driven this week listening carefully for the noise... If the car is going to the left...
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    W210 Odd noise when turning right

    I wonder if anyone can help me pinpoint where a noise is coming from...:doh: When driving and I turn even slightly to the right (even at low speeds), I get a noise... Now, don't laugh but the best way I can explain it is "Awubwubwubwub" from the rear of the car. Not very very loud but loud...
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    Tyre Recommendation ?

    I've been a loyal user of Falken for the past 6 or 7 years. Very good in the wet and fill you with confidence every day. Also used Uniroyal Rainsport 3 recently which were good. I used a site called tyreleader for my most recent purchase, 4 Falken ZE914's for £237. Can't grumble!
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    What car did you pass your driving test in?

    Ford Focus TDCI in 2007.
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    MB spring health check - DONT

    My local MB (Whitefield) haven't even been in contact, don't think I'll bother now.
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    18" AMG Monoblock alloys

    Wheels are 8J x 18 H2 ET31 Part# HWA 210 401 01 02
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    18" AMG Monoblock alloys

    Wheels came off the car today so I'll be cleaning them up tomorrow and will advise all the details. :thumb:
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    Can you pass this English Sats exam for 10 and 11 year olds?

    I got 3/10 and I'm not ashamed. :cool: I can safely say that this is the first instance since leaving school 10 years ago that I have been asked anything about 'clauses' or 'active voice'. They're irrelevant in every day life. I can spell, my grammar is good and I can communicate well...
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    Ribbed Mats

    Also looking for a set for my W210 so will be interested to see if there are companies still making these ribbed mats! :D
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    18" AMG Monoblock alloys

    8J x 18 H2 Part # HWA 210 401 01 02
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    18" AMG Monoblock alloys

    Had the rear tyre looked at and the garage said the tyre is safe and doesn't need repairing/replacing. :bannana: Still for sale, will take £500 and can arrange delivery/meet at the weekend.
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    18" AMG Monoblock alloys

    Original alloys have now gone in for refurbishment so I'm looking to line up a buyer. Any takers? :confused:
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    18" AMG Monoblock alloys

    Washed the car today so got some photos... Let me know if interested... Rear Right Front Right Front Left Rear Left Tread
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    18" AMG Monoblock alloys

    Good Evening! I've managed to source a set of the original alloys for my car so the AMG alloys will be available for sale once the refurbishment is complete on the originals. Expect it to be in the next few weeks. There is a chip on one of the rear alloys and one of the front wheels has...
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    Rant alert - Utter intelligence insulting rubbish from Mercedes Benz?

    The unfortunate truth is that these days, they know new customers will come through the door every day. Loyalty goes out the window as a lot of the sales men and women will only care about their commission. :mad:
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    Rant alert - Utter intelligence insulting rubbish from Mercedes Benz?

    I imagine you need a fairly good reason. They point blank told me no when I asked for information to track the car down. Have you been into a MB dealership? Might be worth a go if you get an old timer salesman who's into his mercs.
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    W210 front wing replacement

    Please do post how you get on as this is my next move on mine. :thumb:
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