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    C220 CDI Brake master cylinder

    I have two c220 brake master cylinders one is as new it was fitted to the car and then removed. £35 for the pair.
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    W203 c220 cdi 2003

    For sale Mercedes c220 cdi 2003. good condition runs well full service history, full leather interior, 212,000 miles New Front anti roll bar bushes Drop links both sides Inner Track rods Outer track rods Brake pads all round Recent Engine service Air con has been re-gassed Tyres...
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    W203 Rear Wheel

    The passenger side rear wheel when jacked up will not turn by hand, it turn anti clockwise but not in the direction that it should be going. The driver side is fine. I took the brake pads out thinking the caliper could be stuck but it did not make any difference. Anyone got any ideas...
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    Autel 20 in 1 Airbag ABS SRS Engine MIL Light Reset Tool Fault Code Scanner EX3

    Used but in very good condition. Engine, Airbag, ABS & A/T Scanner These MD801 series scanners cover the largest range of worldwide built cars on all the major modules for an entry level scanner. Out performs many more advanced tools at a fraction of the price.

The tool covers engine...
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    w203 injector seals

    Thought I would give the bolts a bit of a nip up which seems to have cured it for now how long it will last god knows but for now the smell in the cabin has gone the tick over is much better and it seems to have more power.
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    w203 injector seals

    Does anyone have any advice in the best way to undo the bolts holding the brackets on the injector seals on a 220 cdi engine I really do not want the bolts to snap. I am not really sure if the seals have gone but the cabin smells of exhaust but the injectors do not make a puffing sound and...
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    w203 speedo change

    will the speedo from a facelift w203 fit into a non facelift w203. Thank you
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    Speedo dials

    Are there any white dial conversion kits for a 2003 w203? Thank you
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    w203 stereo

    If I remove the original stereo from my w203 will it need to be re coded when it is put back in? Thank you
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    MB C Class ( 203 ) c180 Mirror wiring problem

    May be this may be what you are looking for! Mercedes C230 Kompressor Door Mirror and Indicator Assembly | eBay or maybe you can find what you are looking for here: mercedes wing mirror | eBay
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    Indie Lougborough

    Does anyone know of a good indie garage to change to gearbox oil in a c220 cdi? Thanks
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    w203 speedo

    The needle on the speedo on my car when you first turn it on and when you turn it off bounces and during which time the fuel gauge is not working when the bouncing stops everything works fine. Anyone got any ideas how to fix this. Regards
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    cdi tuning chip

    are tuning chips worth buying? Or do the cause you a lot of trouble. thanks
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    w203 digital climate control

    Can a normal w203 climate control be replaced with a w203 digital climate control?
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    How to change the automatic gerbox oil and flush on a 722.6 'box

    can you purchase these?
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    Peugeot 307 sw se hdi 2006 black

    PEUGEOT 307 SW SE HDI 2006 BLACK I have owned this car for nearly 2 years and it has been the most reliable car that I have ever owned, it is very economical having the 1.6 HDI engine the car has done 151,991 miles but don't let that put you off as it is a Diesel they can go one forever...
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    Trip Computer

    How accurate are the trip computers? yesterday I done a run of about 210 miles in around 5 1/2 hours traffic was terrible but it was saying I was getting around 63 mpg which does seem a bit high. So do these things really work or are they just a guess. Thank you
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    Knocking sound from front of the car

    When the car is cold I get a knocking sound when going over bumps or holes in the road but if you say drive for an hour it nearly goes away. When jacking up the car and hold the wheel at the top and bottom and rocking it there is some movement in the wheel. Do you think that the bearing could be...
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    Have a look on ebay you should be able to find the part of undertay that you need
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    W203 2003 front wheel bearing

    Does anyone know of a guide showing how to change the front bearings on a w203 2003 I have not changed them on any car for a long time I think the last ones I done where on a ford Escort. From what I have read these bearings are not pressed in can anyone confirm that please. Thank you for...
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