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  1. TDE1

    Wife's out in my E55

    Cheers, found a hotel which doesn't require you to hand them in. It's a ten minute taxi ride from Gatwick but worth it for the peace of mind. :thumb:
  2. TDE1

    Wife's out in my E55

    Feeling your pain. Looking at airport hotel parking rules at the moment, and they want me to leave my keys. Nooooo!
  3. TDE1

    Happy Birthday Developer.

    Many happy returns, John :thumb:
  4. TDE1

    Do You Remember.....................

    Sorry if it's been mentioned, but; Suitcases without wheels.
  5. TDE1

    Best song intros?

    Cant see 'borked' links, so apologies if already been done, but... Mannish Boy (Muddy Waters iirc)
  6. TDE1

    Newbee with SL55 from Leamington Spa

    Hi and welcome :thumb: Loads of knowledge on here.
  7. TDE1

    "Brutus" the e55k Project

    Yeh, the Pulse times out on mine too. Recall reading somewhere that it's meant to.
  8. TDE1

    Random Q & A's

    If the alcohol we drink is just a chemical compound, why do some drinks give us worse hangovers than others? (At a party now and avoiding red wine).
  9. TDE1

    What's the biggest mistake of your life?

    Losing Mrs TDE1, the love of my life, last month due to my own stupidity. And coming back to our favourite hotel on my own, thinking it would be cathartic. I'm sat in Mallorca, on my own, as I write this. Ah well, there's always tomorrow.
  10. TDE1

    Share tip for you

    The adage 'Buy when others are fearful' very much sprang to mind watching prices tumble.
  11. TDE1

    Share tip for you

    Yeh, I was lucky to get out before the bloodbath. Tried to catch the dead cat bounce at IERE, and failed in a spectacular fashion :doh:
  12. TDE1

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    My first contribution.
  13. TDE1

    Claim To Fame?

    Not sure if this the right place to post this, but I don't have a belly button. It's not a claim to fame, as only Mrs TDE1 knows (a few previous girlfriends and a grocer knew, but they have all gone away).
  14. TDE1

    55k cooling upgrade

    I fetched it from Upton Marina, mate. £165. You can likely buy cheaper but I prefer dealing face to face. No idea if it'd be suitable for split cooling though. Don't see why not.
  15. TDE1

    55k cooling upgrade

    Thanks. Fingers crossed. Felt odd getting a bit for my pride and joy from a boatyard! :eek: Cheers Tim
  16. TDE1

    55k cooling upgrade

    . ..
  17. TDE1

    55k cooling upgrade

    Sorry for thread resurrection. I collected this today from a boat parts supplier. Before i take it to my trusted indie, tell me - have I royally feckered up? In case photo upload doesn't work, part number CM30P7-1. Diameters are about 3/4" Thanks for any feedback, including pee-taking...
  18. TDE1

    Happy Birthday, Developer!

    Many happy returns, John :thumb:
  19. TDE1

    How to launch an automatic ?

    Rejoice in whatever accessories float your boat. It's a free country, petal ;)
  20. TDE1

    How to launch an automatic ?

    As far as I recall, Dyno mode also completely switches off some useful driver aid features which many of us are accustomed to. Proceed with much caution..
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