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  1. C270cdi

    MY name is __________ and I spend too much time on this Forum.....

    I've only been a member for a couple of months but there is definatly some thing about this forum, I log on every chance i get to check out the new posts. I'm addicted!!!! :)
  2. C270cdi

    Meet. Kent 4th Nov 11.30 am

    My sincere appologies to everyone at the meet yesterday for not attending, but some little S*!ts decided to brake into my garden shed saturday evening and steal all my power tools; so spent the day sorting that out. Funny thing is i was more bothered about missisng the meet than the brake in...
  3. C270cdi

    Meet. Kent 4th Nov 11.30 am

    Thats the main thing. Who needs brakes anyway!!
  4. C270cdi

    Meet. Kent 4th Nov 11.30 am

    just cleaned the car now by lantern! haven't had time today and wont have in the morning either! Rush rush!!
  5. C270cdi

    Chrome key!!!

    I got mine 2 weeks ago and mine was already coded to my car!! Did't have to do anything like that.
  6. C270cdi

    Extortion and criminal damage

    Like your style!!!
  7. C270cdi

    new member says hello

    Hello and welcome. Be nice to see some pics of your car soon! :)
  8. C270cdi

    Chrome key!!!

    Get in contact with your local MB dealer i would imagine. You'll need your V5 as well. I've just got a new chrome one- very nice!! :)
  9. C270cdi

    Top Gear On Today

    Probably what a near death experience has triggered. He does look more like a hamster than ever with that hair now though!!!
  10. C270cdi

    Top Gear On Today

    Yet another brilliant episode. Cant wait to see the African special next week! :)
  11. C270cdi

    Meet. Kent 4th Nov 11.30 am

    So is the meet still on for next week then ????
  12. C270cdi

    203 alarm fault

    Am i being thick here guys but should there be a audible sound from the alarm when i lock the doors? The indicators flash as they should. I've only had the car for 2 months and it has never made a sound when lockin the doors i just assumed that was normal. Can anyone help. I've got a 2001 w203.
  13. C270cdi

    finally, my first MB

    Nice car mate, and Welcome :)
  14. C270cdi

    Is this in good taste?

    Sacralige to do that to such a beautiful car. What a mess, but as some have said before- each to there own. The owner must be happy with it so thats the main thing, isn't it?
  15. C270cdi

    Access to Motor Insurer's Database

    Me too!! I was hoping there would be more details.
  16. C270cdi

    The cold has arrived!

  17. C270cdi

    Are you Prepared for Winter?

    I am on the coast (Hastings) only about an hour from you and i had to scrape my winscreen this morning!!!!
  18. C270cdi

    Are you Prepared for Winter?

    My dealer (Eastbourne) told me the same.
  19. C270cdi

    If you won the lottery tommrrow what car would you buy first ?

    Definately an SLR, followed promptly by a cobra!! If i could find one.
  20. C270cdi

    Honeymoon Destinations?

    Me and the wife did the Maldives last year and it was the best holiday i've ever had beutiful scenery, some of the best food i've ever had, and brilliant snorkelling/diving. One of the most romantic places on the planet ideal for a honey moon! Ooh and my wife is a veggie!
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