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  1. joe2612

    SL63 / SL55 Centre Silceners - are they the same?

    Hi David, they've sold I'm afraid. Will update the listing. FYI for anyone else wondering about the original topic, they are different part numbers but very much interchangeable. I'm running 55 amg middle silences on my SL63 and it sounds wonderful.
  2. joe2612

    [SOLD] W212 E63 Genuine Wheels With Tyres

    Set of rare W212 Forged AMG wheels supplied with Tyres ( Dunlop) Sport Maxx with excellent tread ( 5mm+) The wheels present very well, there are a few minor scuffs so a light Diamond cut would have them looking perfect again. No cracks and have just been balanced. Front Wheels: 9Jx19 ET37...
  3. joe2612

    W205 Steering Wheel Buttons and Contact Plate for R230SL

    Want to fit a W205 steering wheel to your R230SL and still retain the functionality of your buttons AND shift paddles? This is what you need... Suitable for all R230SL up to 2007 (I think) when they switched from analog to digital paddle signals. This is a plug-and-play W205 contact plate and...
  4. joe2612

    Genuine Rear Shelf Bag R230 SL

    Beautiful quality, light use and extremely rare. Unavailable from Mercedes. The shelf bag for the SL-Class is made out of Napa calf leather and nylon, which is the same material used in the SL-Class seats themselves. It is custom-designed to fit snugly in the space behind the seats without...
  5. joe2612

    [SOLD] R230 SL63 Rear Bumper

    In preparation for selling my SL55, I'll be removing my genuine SL63 rear bumper and diffuser. The bumper was painted in 2021 in Obsidian black. Supplied with correct internal fittings, to bolt onto any R230SL. All you will need to do is swap your PDC sensors over (if applicable) with the...
  6. joe2612

    [SOLD] M113k Supercharger Pulley 80mm

    I have two 80mm Clutched Supercharger Pulleys from DTK Motorsports that are surplus to requirements. This is the smallest pulley you can fit to an SL55 ( and CL55) that has the larger heat exchanger from the factory. Specs here: 80MM CLUTCHED SUPERCHARGER PULLEY FOR E/CL/CLS/S/SL/G 55AMG M113K+...
  7. joe2612

    SL55 / SL63 Middle Silencers

    Looking for some middle silencers from an SL 55 or 63 AMG, hoping someone has some that they have removed and are now surplus to requirements!
  8. joe2612

    M113K cold start rough idle

    I’ll try and remember , it was about 6 years ago but I think it was a poor gasket seal. It was a permanent slightly rough idle in my case however.
  9. joe2612

    Pairing iPhone to 2005 Comand System
  10. joe2612

    M113K cold start rough idle

    I had a recurrent vacuum leak years ago that was nigh on impossible to find. I ended up making a DIY smoke tester out of a tyre pump, glass jar, soldering iron and a cloth soaked in baby oil - worked a treat!
  11. joe2612

    New member - Greetings

    Welcome ( and pics!)
  12. joe2612


    They’re widely available on AliExpress and vary on £ depending on spec, but expect to pay between 2-400
  13. joe2612

    Pairing iPhone to 2005 Comand System

    Mr12volt is another option that I’ve had good results with previously, plugs into the MOST ring and displays track data on command etc ( and has a mic for calls)
  14. joe2612

    C63 AMG Wagon Review

    Thanks for sharing - I do like Jay EMs reviews. He did another good one on the sl55
  15. joe2612


    It reminds me somewhat of a grey desingo with cream interior that was for sale 3 years ago for 40k (ish) would love to know who bought it.
  16. joe2612

    New SL63 owner

    Hi Matt! Was hoping you would perk up. Unfortunately I’m not, but would love to chat at some point 👍 coincidentally I’m from not far from where you were / still are based.
  17. joe2612

    New SL63 owner

    I've been lurking on the forums for some years now with my SL55, but as of this week picked up this: Always fancied a 63 & love the R230 platform so it was the obvious choice. 56K and full MBSH. Needs a few bits I'll be sorting in the coming weeks, namely: -Half-retrofitted Distronic...
  18. joe2612

    SL63 / SL55 Centre Silceners - are they the same?

    It's not terribly loud, but I'd prefer stock if possible. On further investigation, it sounds like the 55 resonators would fit ( same bore size) and are likely to be far easier to come by given the lower numbers of 63s produced.
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