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  1. Barryh

    SLK marketplace

    did you check out my car in the for sale section?
  2. Barryh

    Why do MB Dealers treat you like sh*t ?

    This is partly why I moved to Audi,but dont be fooled,Audi,BMW and many other are the same.It can be the salesman on the day. I walked into Milton St last week and immediately was asked how I could be helped,firstly by receptionist ,who dealt with my request immmediately and then by a passing...
  3. Barryh

    slk 350

    tellurite silver,Light grey leather,Command,tel prep,6 cd,cruise,Heated and memory seats,airscarf,upgrade alloys,tyres less than 3k miles.Mileage 18,500,Reg 04 07. Immaculate.FMBSH with one due april.6 months TAx .With april service and MOT done will accept £18,000. Be quick a bargain or it...
  4. Barryh

    slk wind deflector

    Hi I am selling the wind deflector from my SLK.07 model car. Will fit all 05-09 models. Genuine mercedes part ,perspex ,comes in storage bag. If interested PM me. New approx £350.Selling it for £190.P&P extra.
  5. Barryh

    SLK marketplace

    What was your budget?
  6. Barryh

    Considering An Audi A6

    i got a 3.0 tdi estate in dec.A Quattro and I love it. Le mans spec .A little hard ride but i do not find it a problem.
  7. Barryh

    Kumho Vs Michelin Pilot

    What is best option,Kumhos or Falkens?
  8. Barryh

    Kumho Vs Michelin Pilot

    would it be wise to fit these to a 350 slk?consider it being sportier,torqier etc. as good as pilots?
  9. Barryh

    Tyre choice for SLK

    Have read a post on Khumos.They seem to get a great write up.Grip and last well and at 40% cheaper. Now I am confused.Cheaper can sometimes be as good!!
  10. Barryh

    body shop in scotland?

    approx £250.SLK bumper needs respray after some clown scratched the edge.Approx £100
  11. Barryh

    body shop in scotland?

    I got the dent outof the rear arch,resprayed and the rear bumper resprayed. He has an SL 500 so knows the marque.
  12. Barryh

    body shop in scotland?

    I had some work done to my E class on a recommendation and the guy was brilliant.He is also a merc man.Garage looks cr.p but he does a brilliant job.Just go in and ask,very professional. John Stewart Glenfarg Motors,Glenfarg st,Maryhill.
  13. Barryh

    Tyre choice for SLK

    Thanks for the replies. Just found out There is A michelin Pilot PS3 ,an upgrade on the PS 2 and gets great reviews.Good all rounder.Tink this will be the answer
  14. Barryh

    Tyre choice for SLK

    Due to change the tyres on 171 ,350.Got Mich Pilots on which are fine ,but read these are a summer tyre!(according to black circles) anyone know how true that is? Should I stick with OEM or go 20% cheaper with Goodyear F1`s Or Pirellis. 14k from michelins so no wear issue,just the idea of a...
  15. Barryh

    Company car tax query

    Hi Piff I am in the same set up and it was my own car i questioned.My accountant and several of my collegues all take the mileage.i tried to work the whole thing out,but as other posts suggest,the NI,BIK etc really kill it.Anyway no matter what the allowances for cars will always be small...
  16. Barryh

    Meets in Scotland

    I have just realised that the mneet is Sat not Sun as I had not read the post properly. I will be working so will have to decline. Sorry Hope to see you all at the next meet. Have a great Christmas
  17. Barryh

    w211 93k

    As it happened after 2 phone calls leaving messages,nobody got back to me.Went to BCA last wed and it had sold an hour before.i was told it sold for 11K ish.So book value. Have asked Lex to explain why i got no reply
  18. Barryh

    Meets in Scotland

    May be coming-Can I bring the A--i ??
  19. Barryh

    Currency exchange

    Any ideas on whats best way to go with changing currency? Going to Cape Town and wonder if I should take Pounds and change when there or should I change to rands here in UK before I go.
  20. Barryh

    SLK350 7G Paddle Shift Question

    I have to say that on the 350 I do not have them and have no need ,the petrol shift down is instantaneous,whereas on my E280cdi they were very useful,especialy for overtaking.So dont waste your money on a useless option.
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