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  1. fatherpierre

    Bargain 123?

    And he’s ‘restored’ it, yet it has MOT advisories for worn parts and an oil leak...... A cheapo respray and some bad wheels.
  2. fatherpierre

    Bargain 123?

    Someone’s seriously adding some scene tax to this, or he’s added an extra zero in error. Mercedes-Benz W123 280CEW one of the first imported into England | eBay
  3. fatherpierre

    Spotline (sic)

    Any of you sharp eyed W201 geeks have an opinion on this? I'm looking for a cheapo bit of metal to waft in now my 124 has gone. Mercedes-Benz 190e spotline | eBay
  4. fatherpierre

    S123 with body kit

    My word, that looks terrible with that Halfords addition.
  5. fatherpierre

    R129 500SL - under £3k with MOT & looks nice

    Maybe it's not worth as much as I thought, after just seeing this: Mercedes 500sl 1992 Auto metalling dark grey hard top/soft top Beige interior | eBay Reserve not met, but an indication of market value.
  6. fatherpierre

    R129 500SL - under £3k with MOT & looks nice

    Not on ebay, and the seller indicates he will take an offer. 1991 Mercedes SL500, £2,995 Huddersfield | Retro Rides
  7. fatherpierre

    W123 - Deluded seller

    I didn't offer him a grand, I was high bidder at a grand. That's what the market deemed it to be worth.
  8. fatherpierre

    W123 - Deluded seller

    I followed this car when it was up for auction a few weeks ago. It ended at just over £1000 with me the high bidder, but reserve not me. I text him and he said he wanted £2000, with is too much for a tatty looking car with no description, and it was described as rust free - which it clearly...
  9. fatherpierre

    Interesting TE 24v

    If it's as described, with all that spent then it should be a great car. I loved my sportline 300 24v back in the day. That exhaust though..... The awful pics will cost the seller a load of money in the final price, unless a canny person goes to look and offers something decent.
  10. fatherpierre

    W123 Brake Master Cyclinder

    Thanks. I will have a look at it tomorrow. The brakes are A1 in terms of performance; there's just no pressure in the pedal and long travel. Pumping them initially brought back the pressure, but that's now gone, so I'm assuming it's a leak.
  11. fatherpierre

    W123 Brake Master Cyclinder

    As per the title, mine has failed. No resistance and pedal to its lowest point but brakes still working. With this in mind: 1. Is cyclinder failure the only thing that could cause this? This symptom came on over a few days and now even pumping the brakes fails to get the resistance back...
  12. fatherpierre

    Low Miles, Mintish W124 260E

    Looks very clean for its age and a decent price compared to some of the asking prices out there. Stick some period alloys on it and would look so much better. '89 Mercedes-Benz W124 260E (55k Timewarp!): £2495-Scotland | Retro Rides
  13. fatherpierre

    Scam e55k

    Yup. When I sold my E500 the buyer was happy to pay me a fat deposit without seeing te car or me.
  14. fatherpierre

    Anybody know this E55?

    Looks pukka to me. Date of registration for this reg is June 2003, but it's listed as a 1999 car with the DVLA. Bear in mind the car was re registered almost 12 years ago and the rules may have changed since then. Surely the V5 will state all this on the front page as it does for cat c etc...
  15. fatherpierre

    Cheap W123 Wagon

    Not on eBay, but looks a decent base to do up with lots spent fairly recently, and a current ticket. Was tempted by it myself to swap whe wheels and front wings with mine, but I haven't got the time. Mercedes W123 230TE, 1984, Sussex, £950 NOW £750 | Retro Rides
  16. fatherpierre

    2006 CLK 320 CDI - 12,000 Miles from new make a healthy living from offering low ball amounts and getting them accepted. A numbers game, literally.
  17. fatherpierre

    mercedes w123 230 te low mileage with big price to match

    Low res pics prevent you from checking it properly. Maybe £3500/£4000.
  18. fatherpierre

    w123 230E 1983 with interesting spec

    if my mind serves me right, this is a South African car that was sold around November for £1000 on eBay. I was interested in it but the previous seller was very cagey about giving me any info so I left it. This seller buys them on eBay and they're listed again a day later. He bought a decent...
  19. fatherpierre

    w140 cl500 with loads of extras and private for 1500

    'They do not build them like this anymore' True, they tend not to rust so much these days or drop so much in quality from the previous model. Probably worth a few quid to a breaker.
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