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  1. Deker


    Maybe it should just take two keys to disable the autopilot, and in the event of a pilot being unavailable the second key can be remotely triggered from the ground.
  2. Deker

    TopGear Getting Boring / Clarkson Fired

    Well for anyone who wants to see what Top Gear is like without JC try and watch the classic car show, my god it's painful.
  3. Deker

    TopGear Getting Boring / Clarkson Fired

    The only loser is the BBC, like it or not Top Gear is one of their biggest exports and I can't see anyone else fitting in, Channel 4 would kill for a similar show with presenters such as those 3 (I can't see Hammond and May wanting to stay with a BBC approved dullard at the helm).
  4. Deker

    Apple to buy Tesla?

    unfortunately you'll need to jailbreak it before you can use a non-apple charging post
  5. Deker

    Changing security to Norton?

    Got to agree with that, you don't get many people wanting to swap to Norton, just away from it. I'd also go for Microsoft Security Essentials, Malwarebytes & Spybot search & destroy
  6. Deker

    Trolley Problem

    Leave the traveller alone and when the first transplant person dies use their previous working organs on the other 4 patients as they all needed different organs.
  7. Deker

    leaving iphone to go to samsung

    I think that's probably one of the main points, if you've already bought into the apple brand (Macbooks etc), then you're already probably using iTunes and iCloud so it's an easier choice. If you're basically after a phone that'll run apps then I think there are better alternatives. I...
  8. Deker

    leaving iphone to go to samsung

    I went from the iPhone 4S to the HTC One mini and have never looked back, the phone call quality and interface is so much better than the Apple offerings, I will now never have another Apple device as they're just too restrictive, I'm in the process of looking at an Android tablet to replace the...
  9. Deker

    What's your app?

    TuneIn Radio
  10. Deker

    For apple fans

    At this point I like to explain that i-devices are like real devices with training wheels and one day they'll graduate to an unrestricted device ;)
  11. Deker

    is light hearted racism ever ok?

    Wow if that was followed to the letter then we'd never be able to cheer on any sportsperson in the world in fear of 'discriminating' against anyone else on the field, this is where I think it has went too far, as I said I didn't see the match in question but you cannot take banter out of sport...
  12. Deker

    is light hearted racism ever ok?

    Is it really racism though when they're booing him because he plays for a team they don't approve of? I didn't watch it so have no idea but if it was just booing then it's not exactly a racial or religious slur just the crowd trying to find an excuse to put a player off, which may not be cricket...
  13. Deker

    Recommend a modern home cinema system.

    Have you decided on floor standing or wall mount speakers? I bought some wall mount Kef eggs around 13 years ago and have been very happy with them, I've also had Denon and Pioneer amps but I prefer the Pioneer for sound quality (it also comes with a mic for setup so automatically sets all of...
  14. Deker

    is light hearted racism ever ok?

    The problem is that the PC brigade have been jumping up waving their arms for so long no one really know where the line is, you can be called a racist for being descriptive ie using the colour of a persons skin or to point someone out (I've been referred to as a Gweilo while on holiday and have...
  15. Deker

    harmless fun or google cashing in on suffering?

    While I think games which are glorifying any current conflict are in bad taste I don't think war games in general are a bad thing, remember it's only computer graphics been damaged, these games aren't as simple as you may think and need a large amount of understanding, tactics, teamwork and...
  16. Deker

    Exercise a killer Andrew Marr?

    I'm 42 and do a split weight training routine 5 days per week, I'm 5' 8" and currently weighing in at around 95kg (probably 15-18% bf), I don't do much cardio at the minute as my goals are strength and size, (I'll work on getting to 10% later), I used to compete in my late 20's early 30's and...
  17. Deker

    I like tattoos, but...

    I like tattoos (I don't have any) but I don't understand the current trend for visible neck tattoos and also the ones behind ears or on hands as you just can't cover them up if the need arises, the company I work for states that visible tattoos are a breach of contract and will be a termination...
  18. Deker

    Your opinions please?

    If I was struggling to make up my mind over 2 similar products then I usually look for reviews (so maybe worth handing some out to industry magazines\reviewers), then it would probably come down to the longest warranty
  19. Deker

    Just wondering...

    A 944 turbo cab?
  20. Deker

    Ovingham Bridge, River Tyne

    I work right next to that, the first time I visited the office I missed the damn turn off and had to go over the bridge - never been over it since (or missed the turn off!)
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