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  1. TheyMadeMeDoIt

    Aftermarket Drop Links / Anti-Roll Bar Links

    Hi all, My W204 C63 has just failed its MOT on perished rubber on RHS anti-roll bar link. Obviously you can purchase various quality 'OEM' replacements but I'm wondering if there is any benefit to Whiteline upgraded adjustable drop links? Anyone with any experience or recommendations, I'd love...
  2. TheyMadeMeDoIt

    Command update disc

    It is indeed a W211. Thanks very much for your help
  3. TheyMadeMeDoIt

    Command update disc

    Hi, I've just picked up a 2003 E320CDI with Comand but I don't have a disc in the boot dvd drive. How would I find out how to get this as up to date as possible? Thanks in advance
  4. TheyMadeMeDoIt

    So.... do I....

    I was thinking this but then i'd have to get the 19's refurbished and new tyres and also 20's with tyres :doh:
  5. TheyMadeMeDoIt

    So.... do I....

    Its a CL55... not a CL500 :D It is already lowered but you have the facility of 3 suspension heights with the ABC setup so I have Normal-ish, Lowered and Very Low and also have the sport function which stiffens if further. I'd say I do roughly 8,000 miles a year
  6. TheyMadeMeDoIt

    So.... do I....

    I had thought about the quality of the ride, it is lowered too
  7. TheyMadeMeDoIt

    So.... do I....

    Ok a brief bit of history - I've got an '01 CL55 with the 19" AMG's option. Done. The said wheels are in need of a refurb and I also need a full set of new tires. Now, do I get the wheels refurbished and new tires fitted or look for a set of 20" wheels and tires? And if you suggest 20" wheels...
  8. TheyMadeMeDoIt

    Is it worth lowering my car?

    I've just dropped my CL55 considerably, defo worth doing for handling and looks
  9. TheyMadeMeDoIt

    CL500 or CL55AMG?

    Just got insured with Adrian Flux for £600 on a 2001 CL55 and thats the cheapest I could find. Twice as much as my previous car an Audi RS4!
  10. TheyMadeMeDoIt

    AMG bodywork

    Hi guys, Have just put a deposit on a 2001 CL55 and just wondered... have you seen any amg variants without the amg bumpers and sideskirts because mine seems to have had them omitted?
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