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  1. Venomous

    Biting the Bullet! Car needs some TLC - trying Auto Di Lusso

    My third visit is booked for Tue 9th February - here's the run down: - Full wash and valet - Wheels off, fully cleaned and Gtechniq C5 applied - Brake Callipers to be painted fully red (only partial at present) and new decals / protection to be applied - All stone chips touched out -...
  2. Venomous

    C63 AMG Tiger edition ;)

    Looks like someone tried to burn it already! Kill it with fire!
  3. Venomous

    The Award For The Most Annoying Person Goes to?

    Comrade Corbyn- the World has moved a long way since 1975, most of us don't want to go back to that point in time.
  4. Venomous

    Your day in three words.

    over night implementation :doh:
  5. Venomous

    Is this lorry driver a bully or intoxicated?

    Ex-Home Pride? Didn't use his "loaf" this time... I'll get my coat... TAXI! :D
  6. Venomous


    Owned my first S&W 9mm Pistol at 18, and then went to a Colt 1911 for Practical Pistol. Did some Practical Shotgun, and range time with AR180's / L1A1's. Post ban(s), CO2 and gas powered practical shooting disciplines - which is how Drew and I are mates.
  7. Venomous


    And Drew was the Team Custom Gun Smith, and I sorted out the Practical Pistol side of things....
  8. Venomous

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Friday 13th - A Service, Brake Fluid, and MOT. Also won a Protection Detail in a competition run by my local Detailer (worth £130).
  9. Venomous

    Friday 13th - Not so bad after all!

    So I was working from home today, as the car was in for an A Service, Brake Fluid Change, and MOT. Car sailed through the MOT - happy days.... :) Lots of work hassle, and the day closing on a less than positive note :( Then Facebook reveals that I have won Second Prize in a competition...
  10. Venomous

    Long time VW driver looking to defect to a 2012+ W204

    I chose a C250 over a C220, same engine - but such a difference (40BHP). When run on BP ultimate Diesel, it gives 50+ MPG consistently on a 110 mile round trip daily commute.
  11. Venomous

    E55 paddle shifts

    +1 for Royal Steering Wheels!
  12. Venomous

    M1 Cash cameras.

    These lot did! Poor old Vauxhall, what did it do to them...
  13. Venomous

    Thought on the new Ford Capri

    I had two Ford Probe 24v GT's.... Whoops! Did I admit that in public? :doh:
  14. Venomous

    Latest Addition to the KillerHERTZ Fleet

    Nice Bike! Took my first driving test in Cambridge in 1990. Lived on Manhattan Drive, then moved out to Cherry Hinton.
  15. Venomous

    Your UserName

    "An extremely complex anagram of my real name. Created on a highly chilled super-computer." That'll wouldn't be an E25K now would it...
  16. Venomous

    Do you wash your own car or not

    Wash it myself and a quarterly maintenance wash and wax from my local(ish) Detailer... With Lewis, it goes from this... To this...
  17. Venomous

    Your UserName

    My online gaming name from the days of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and i rather handy with the Venom gun...
  18. Venomous

    VIN decode request please

    Try this... :thumb:
  19. Venomous

    Was Birds Eye Maple an option for the C204?

    I'd already started looking down that as my backup route, and it opens up a host of possibilities. There are several nice dark grey wood colours that would sit quite well with what I had in mind. Started a dialogue with Perfect Coating down at Newbury, which provides an ideal opportunity...
  20. Venomous

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Had the Winter Tyres put on... A service, brake fluid, and MOT in a week or two.
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