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  1. PeterG

    Supermarket diesel

    I prefer Asda,s own brand chip fat oil as it is a lot cheaper than from any other lol pump:rock: Pete
  2. PeterG

    What should we do when an animal is hit?

    MPD SHAG CATTLE :bannana: Was the mnemonic we used to use dealing with animals and accidents Mule Pig Dog Sheep Horse Ass Goat Cow Pete
  3. PeterG

    Blind man denies Dangerous Driving !

    Originally Posted by MangoMan Albeit a silly thing to try to accomplish, I think the following statement by the arresting officer all-together slightly harsh, if not downright insulting! ---"Mr Aziz was fully aware of his disabilities and we find the driver was in a dangerous, defective...
  4. PeterG

    A new style of ebay scam?

    When the chavs turned up in their Nova you would have thought it was time to put the pedal to the metal, not withstanding the obvious build up to end result getting mugged!! pete
  5. PeterG

    How much will it cost me to drive to florence! lol

    Adam A hose which feeds from the top of the block into the bulkhead had a crack in it and was weeping causing it to eventually lose fluid and overheat. P
  6. PeterG

    How much will it cost me to drive to florence! lol

    My head gasket on my old 300sl 24 v failed after about 6 months of leaking with no real visible evidence of lack of power etc a bit of overheating though. In the end it cost me a whopping £2000 as my head cracked and had to be welded. I would not risk a long journey if it was suspect. I...
  7. PeterG

    Clk 500 Amg ?

    "Will sell for £19,000 (or near offer) and/or BUY IT NOW for £25,000 only!-or for any higher bid)" So he will take £19000 but if you want to give him more money he will take that too, hmm very sharp :crazy: Pete
  8. PeterG

    interesting merc maybe!

    I see this guy sells stuffed birds alongside dolly birds cars lol. Pete
  9. PeterG

    anyone got a spare $415000?

    "Get low monthly payments" Hmm well I can afford £100 a month for the next 100 years wonder if they are interested. Pete
  10. PeterG

    GPS Downloads

    Hi guys I am after some advice please as I am trying to update my dads Garmin streetpilot i2 with a europe map. Does any one know where I can get free download maps please? Thanks pete
  11. PeterG

    Just when you thought it could not get worse

    Taking pics face on had legal arguements re infringing privacy but failed. The other reason was flashing face on may impede a driver. I believe the latest cameras do not flash face on. Technology is a great thing eh? P
  12. PeterG

    Regulations on yellow lines and accuracy of Penalty Notice Charges

    No way dispute it. With the average intelligence of a parking attendant if you have a substantive point to make they usually back down if you appeal. If he/she can get the location wrong they have no integrity. If they were 200yds away how could they see if your son was loading or unloading...
  13. PeterG

    Convertibles - roof down & windows up?!

    Wind delector or short hair sorts it out. P
  14. PeterG

    Just when you thought it could not get worse

    Have a look guys and gals Pete
  15. PeterG

    Pimped out (soon to be ) SEC

    I love the wheels although they look more like silver than gold. P
  16. PeterG

    Original 190

    Like the owner says a beauty if only I had the money! Pete
  17. PeterG

    £5000 car wash

    I guess in todays climate washing your car with a hose pipe could cost you £5000 lol:bannana: Pete
  18. PeterG

    strut mounts

    Ben I always thought strut mounts are where the suspension struts are bolted to the body. They are usually clear to see in the engine bay directly above each wheel. Pete
  19. PeterG

    New landlord tax

    Once again we have a postcode lottery for charges as with everything else these days from Policng to NHS.
  20. PeterG

    New landlord tax

    Well they call it a license to make it sound better. Over the past few years I have built up a property porfolio to pay for my pension now the government wants to take more money off me for my ventures. Gas and Electricity safety certificates I fully endorse but this is just another stealth...
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