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  1. ecossebev

    Goodbye dear friend

    Thank you Charles. I'm not expecting a concourse example for the money l'm willing to spend, but gearboxes and serious rust are not part of my plan. Apart from the arches, where else should l be looking for rust? l work for ECP, so the staff discounts are generous to say the least (OE plugs...
  2. ecossebev

    Goodbye dear friend

    So, on my way to work on Friday morning, some muppet in a Rover 75 pulled out in front of me on a roundabout without looking and the inevitable happened. I've a funny feeling that was the last time l drove my W124:(. After almost 5 years of ownership, not once did she let me down or leave me by...
  3. ecossebev

    Relay ?

    How would this affect the central locking, alarm and the electric windows not working with the ignition switched off ? The rear interior lights work, just not when the doors are open. They were all working prior to this.
  4. ecossebev

    Relay ?

    It's not a blade fuse, it's one of the old style continental fuses and it looks fine. I think everything l mentioned not working above is covered by more than one fuse and everything was working fine before this, hence the reason l thought a relay was at fault.
  5. ecossebev

    Relay ?

    The puddle light on my drivers door, at one point during the previous owners life, broke a clip and was held in with a piece of Blu-Tac, which then gave up the ghost causing the light to pop out and smash while he closed the drivers door. It was then popped inside the door and forgotten...
  6. ecossebev

    Bosch or MB battery ??

    Bear in mind that Bosch is an aftermarket battery. You'll probably find Exide are the O/E equivelant.
  7. ecossebev

    W124 Door handle

    Once again Druk came up trumps, even showed me how to fit it. Bit disappointed he wouldn't take anything for it. Many thanks Derek (yet again).
  8. ecossebev

    W124 Door handle

    Has anyone got a N/S/F door handle kicking about their garage for a '91 W124 230 TE they no longer need? Somebody tried to break into my car whilst off on holiday and destroyed the handle in the process. It's the small square section with the barrel that's missing. The door opens fine without...
  9. ecossebev

    Bad e-bay'er

    Only the old Saab 900 can pull off 3 spoke alloys.
  10. ecossebev

    My beautiful W124 has been Stolen

    Does anyone else think this will push the insurance premiums up for the 124's?
  11. ecossebev

    How Much 20 Years Ago?

    My 230TE was registered on the 1st October 1991. It has mushroom leather and an electric sunroof but no A/C. Can anyone tell me what the dealer price for this would've been in 91 brand new and what that converts to in money today? TIA......
  12. ecossebev

    It's English, Jim, but not as we know it.

    Educated guess at 2 of them.......3,540
  13. ecossebev

    The first thing that comes to mind.

    Famous Five
  14. ecossebev

    That's Britain

    I noticed that too :D.....she was discretly trying to pull her dress down while conducting the interview.
  15. ecossebev

    Entertaining dealership stories

    As promised, another two spring to mind. Both from the bodyshop. Must've been about 10-11 years ago now, but there was a Rover 200 brought in to the bodyshop with severe damage done to the OSR quarter panel. At this point, the quarter panels were on backorder and a 3 month waiting time was...
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