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  1. R2e

    How many problems with your car ?

    With a hefty touch of wood and tongue in cheek, I feel somewhat let down by my car, an (old) ML320, supposedly the least reliable of Mercedes offerings. In six months since I bought it I have had - 1. Driver's door window intermittent - plug into window motor in door was loose, tightened...
  2. R2e

    Top Gear - Merc CL 600

    OK so the cars they picked are clearly chosen for their dramatic value, but there is no doubt there is a lot of merit in the principle of buying quality used rather than buying humdrum new. I always remember a few years back, just after I bought my W210 (21K miles, mint condition, 5 years old...
  3. R2e

    CLK 270 CDI pre-heat glow plugs, advice please

    That means (at least) one of your glow plugs needs replacement, I had exactly the same with my C270CDI. A new set of plugs solves the problem.
  4. R2e

    DeLoreans a plenty

    You didn't see four cars, you saw one car as it materialised at different times to stop running into itself.
  5. R2e

    New series of Top Gear.

    I think you had to be around at the time. It was a car that compared favourably with, or even bettered, the supercars of the day but for a fraction of the price. It is also one of the most aesthetically successful designs of all time.
  6. R2e

    Bye Bye MB :(

    I think you already have been. CLS cut off and a Polo 1.4 grafted on...... :eek:
  7. R2e

    Bye Bye MB :(

    And after 30 years you still don't know how to hide the keys??? :D:D:D Sounds like you got a good 'un though :thumb:
  8. R2e

    Bye Bye MB :(

    Oh dear, given that choice I would part with the wife to be. I made sacrifices like that when I first married, but you can only take so much, which is why she has been for decades my ex wife. My current, and second, wife doesn't expect me to make major compromises, nor do I of her, which is why...
  9. R2e

    Most unreliable car ???

    Mine was a Vauxhall Cavalier Diplomat purchased second hand with about 45000 miles from a respected dealer. Seems like the recent service invoice that came with the documentation must have been a fake...... First the discs went, down to the metal after about 2000 miles. Then the cambelt...
  10. R2e

    How many cars have you driven?

    I got my licence in 1965 since when I've driven one hell of a number of vehicles from various motorbikes up to artic trucks with additional drawbar trailer, tractors, various light planes, powerboats, etc, so the list is just too long. Below is a list of vehicles over the years owned by me, or...
  11. R2e

    Mini Coupe 2012

    Fugly! Can't see the link to the Frogeye myself.
  12. R2e

    Is this seller for real

    Yep, Western Union to my brother in Nigeria (Barrister Iama Scammer) and he will send you the release papers to disassemble and collect the Eiffel Tower. Would you be interested in a bridge or two, I can give you discount on multiple buys? :D
  13. R2e

    Is this seller for real

    Sorry, people just baffle me, he has bids on this. This is a guy, member of ebay since 14/06, so less than a week at this stage, no feedback, rather remote in Inverness, 'Business name' does not show up on Google, pics are clearly not showing the model and condition he is selling, no land line...
  14. R2e

    Proposed changes to the MOT Test.

    Just as a matter of interest, has anyone had a car fail its MOT in the past, say, ten years for anything dangerous, if at all? Mercs I have owned during this period, and they've all been at least three years old when purchased haven't so much as failed or had an advisory. I don't do anything...
  15. R2e

    A170 Autotronic

    Be aware when driving it the CVT transmission operates in a different way to a normal auto, ie you put your foot down, the revs climb immediately and the transmission catches up, for all the world like a slipping clutch on a manual car. I have owned an MGF with CVT and my wife's current Honda...
  16. R2e

    Car Warranty's - any good ones?

    The clue I believe lies in the phrase "protection against failure due to wear and tear", the key word being "failure". So a wheel bearing fails at 100,000 miles due to wear and tear, they will pay. I don't believe this applies to brake discs and pads or any normal service item which has simply...
  17. R2e

    Car Warranty's - any good ones?

    I don't know, I've never been convinced by these "warranties". Part of that is I used to work for an Insurance company who sold extended warranties so I saw what the underwriting cost was versus the trade cost versus the retail price. I have no idea what the current rates are, but say your £775...
  18. R2e

    What's your RPM cruising at top gear at 70mph?

    I'll have to slow down a bit to find out....... :D Checked this morning, my ML320 is doing around 2600 at 70mph (Satnav readout so relatively accurate)
  19. R2e

    Upgraded from R129 SL320 to R129 SL500

    There can be a slight loss of power in the higher rev bands apparently but it shows up more on small engines. I, like most LPG drivers, can discern no difference between petrol and LPG on my ML320 (and to start with I was switching constantly to see if there was any difference!). I think too the...
  20. R2e

    Upgraded from R129 SL320 to R129 SL500

    Congratulations! LPG Rules!!
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