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  1. Rich H

    C63 Winter Wheels & Tyres

    C63 W204 Winter Wheels and Tyres. Genuine 18" Mercedes wheels with Pirelli Sottozero 3 tyres. All 4 wheels have paint bubbling around the valve stems but are perfectly useable. The tyres are 255/35/R18 with 4mm on the rears and 235/40/R18 with 6mm on the fronts. Selling the car so no longer need...
  2. Rich H

    What 'purpose' does your big AMG Saloon serve?

    I "only" have a C63. It is my daily driver but we do have a Focus for shopping and going on holiday. I bought it because it has a V8 engine that makes a fantastic noise and it can push you back into the comfortable seats when you put your foot down. If that is enough then get one and you won't...
  3. Rich H

    What happened to watch sizes.

    I admit that the £10k price is out of date. The new price for the cheapest version is now £10500 but it was £9500 not so long ago. The same watch at less than a year old is over £21k because of supply and demand. So you still pay double to get one now and apparently don't...
  4. Rich H

    What happened to watch sizes.

    Just my humble opinion. I have several "Premium" mechanical (not battery powered) watches that I wear on rotation. I don't wear them to show off as most people don't notice the watch or don't recognise it as something expensive. I wear them because I like them as pieces of precision...
  5. Rich H

    Evening All

    Welcome. You won't regret the noise. LSD can be added and a remap can get you more power if you decide that you need it. OK, you won't need it but you might want it anyway. I've had mine for 2 and a half years and it still makes me smile. I drop the window just to hear it. Have fun.
  6. Rich H

    Need a screwdriver for your Porsche?

    I have had a Porsche in the past and although the parts weren't cheap they also didn't fail very often so the cost of ownership was no worse than the Audi that I had before it. It's not as if MB parts are particularly cheap. However that is a huge amount to pay for a screwdriver. It's not even...
  7. Rich H

    JLR and BMW join forces on electric cars

    I think that I was told that there will be a JLR designed first generation power train while the second generation collaboration is designed. I know that there are already JLR staff on secondment in Germany.
  8. Rich H

    Adaptive Xenon Bulb Change

    Just for information. The cap covering the bulb at the back of the headlamp fitting was also missing, which is probably why the bulb failed. MB in Stratford upon Avon quoted £221.16 for a bulb and cap including vat and fitting. I spoke to a local garage that I use quite a bit and got a Phillips...
  9. Rich H

    W204 amg wheels diamond cut alloys white worm

    Had mine powder coated in gunmetal. This is roughly the same colour as my wheels start before they are diamond cut so the centre caps are the right colour. Powder coating can be done to different levels of quality. Make sure it is vapour blasted, not shot blasted and make sure it goes through a...
  10. Rich H

    Adaptive Xenon Bulb Change

    So, my passenger side dipped main headlamp bulb has failed. It is a Xenon bulb in an adaptive fitting. I haven't found anything to tell me how to change it. The Manual advises that it is done by MB I am reluctant to twist and pull at it too much because I can hear the motors that move the beam...
  11. Rich H

    Purchasing a car from NI advice sought.

    A friend of mine had issues with insurance as they regarded it as an import even though NI is part of the UK. Not a deal breaker but something to remember.
  12. Rich H

    W204 C63 Purchase??just can’t

    I bought a 3 year old W204 C63 2 years ago without a warranty. I had to spend £800 having the air con compressor replaced. Still glad I did it.
  13. Rich H

    Most crashed car...

    Not poor people, unworthy people. Which means anybody that chooses not to drive a BMW.
  14. Rich H

    Other New Insurance Rules (new to me) on comprehensive cover

    It also means that if you let somebody test drive your car and they cause an accident the damage to your car is not covered. Good luck getting them to pay for the damage. Even if you got valid insurance details from them in the first place.
  15. Rich H


    Hi and welcome. Nice car, I have a black coupe. As far as your questions go; It depends upon how you drive it but I get about 200 miles to a tank full of Shell V power for about £75. You will probably get more miles than that but not until the initial thrill has worn off. I have had 180 out of a...
  16. Rich H

    Finally a c63 owner!!

    Enjoy the noise. I don't often use the parking break. I know I probably should. A hard press on the break pedal after you come to a stop will show HOLD at the bottom of the speeo and you can take your foot of the break and just press the throttle when you want to pull away. When I park I just...
  17. Rich H

    Number Plate Exchange

    The dealer can check the registration for themselves. You can also show them the emails.
  18. Rich H

    G3 clay mitt - brilliant product !!!!!

    I just rinse mine in a bucket of car shampoo that I also use as a lubricant. Great product. I'm too lazy to use a clay bar but I do use this.
  19. Rich H

    Number Plate Exchange

    I think that last time I did it they sent mean email telling me it was OK to put the old plates back on. Don't forget to tell your insurance company. Some charge for the privilege.
  20. Rich H


    £555 for me. Plus expensive insurance and terrible fuel economy. But I knew that before I bought it. It is only going to get more expensive.
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