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    Hi fellow MB owners/fans

    A picture from this years holiday. She again performed well at 40 degrees of hot temperatures towing nearly 1700 kg. cheers
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    will my W124 make it?

    Hi SilverSaloon, I have a w124 300 td (12 valve) towing a 1600 kg single axis. My two kids sitting(30%) fighting(70%) behind, some times forces me to drive at night. The car becomes more silent at night drives and the traffic is usully much better. Besides, compered to the day...
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    Hii, I own my 1991 w124 300D estate for 5 years. The muffler (rear end) is still the factory fitted original one. There are just a few small holes due to corrodion. Other than that no problem externally. Does it need to be replaced? May it be blocked internally? Does it affect performance...
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    removing the thermostat

    Towing a caravan over 1600 kg, at 35 degrees...Yes, I think extreme...
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    removing the thermostat

    I found the problem was the viscous coupling. It had been changed just about 5000 km ago (less than 2 years) but failed somehow. The private garrage suggested the coupling of gasoline version for better cooling. I was not expecting any difference but I should say it was the most relaxing tow...
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    removing the thermostat

    I feel good while it keeps at 110 (by the fan in action though the AC is off). But it tried beyond for couple of times on hilly roads, hopefully, the internal heater was there to help.
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    removing the thermostat

    I did all the checks described except the accuracy of the temperature gauge. Radiator is new as the largest available size, viscous caupling and thermostat is changed by proper units. I thing the reason is that I'm quite on the towing limits while the temp is around 35 degrees. The temp...
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    removing the thermostat

    Next month merc will be towing our heavy caravan while it is already loaded by family and packs. It is a well kept w 124 300 D estate AT. I know on day time the temp indicator will sit slightly over 100 degrees line even on flat roads. Attempting AC or driving on hills will rise it to 110...
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    Can i drive my car without a thermostat?

    Hii, This discussion reminds me my overheating worries in hot summers while caravan towing. The temp is above 30 degrees almost all the day and 40 degrees in same cases. Imagine this on a very step road with a 1300 kg on the back of the car. Can I then expect a better cooing without...
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    AT cooling(and warming up ?) via radiator

    Hi... The AT box cooling is via radiator of the engine through some pipes passing in. So ; - Does the AT box has a thermostat to give the fluid way to radiator when hot? -Does the radiator only cools the AT fluid down, or the other way (in cold weather) it may warm the fluid up ...
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    Side mirrors on a 124

    I agree with Match for the problem. The simple solution is to add a small concave mirror on the drivers side mirror. I sticked a round one on the lower near corner. It can rotate on its axis so that you can adjust for a good vision. It is better now. Cheers Dogan
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    Has anyone removed/refurbed their steering box?

    Congratulations Jaymenek, I understand you were able to remove the free play on the steering wheel. Are you confident it was due to worn seals in your case. Was there any mechanical wear on dynamic parts ? Cheers Dogan
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    W124 Steering Box/any repair kit?

    Hii again, I had the steering system re-checked and we are now sure the fault comes from the box. Meanwhile I found this interesting DIY project on the net : Do you think this may help to remove the loosenes on my steering wheel...
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    W124 Steering Box/any repair kit?

    Thanks for all the replies. Has the steering wheel ever been taken off the splines and put back on in a different position ????????? No, it has never been taken off. Is the steering wheel in the correct position when travelling in a straight line ???? Yes, it is. Are you happy with...
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    W124 Steering Box/any repair kit?

    Hii, My w124 300 diesel estate has increasing free play on steering wheel lately. The private garage mechanic said it is the steering box which causes the loose and it should be replaced. The new one said to be very expensive. A used box on the other hand can't simply make me convinced for...
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    w124 cooling questions

    Hi All, I own a w124 300TD (atmospheric wagon) with AT and AC. It's rather hot here for towing a caravan and I want to be on the safe side. So I want to improve the cooling capacity on water, engine oil and AT oil. 1. Can I fit a larger radiator (300 turbo diesel's for example) ? 2...
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    Car didn't work for a long time

    Car has been passive for months Hii, I'm expecting to come together again to my lovely w124 300 td estate AT, as we were apart for some reason. It has been 5 months without any engine start. I expect would take another few more. I wonder how I should handle it when time comes. Should I...
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    w124/what options for cooling improvement

    Thanks for all the repplies. I have already had the radiator cleaned by some kind of skewer and got a considerable improvement. I do not expect more from it. I will check for the additives. AT oil coolining seems an easier job, (cut the pipe coming from the AT unit for cooing. Then...
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    w124/what options for cooling improvement

    I have a nice w124 300 td (wagon non-turbo diesel) with AC and AT and it has the factory fitted radiator. I want to know in what ways I can improve the cooling for the engine, engine oil and AT oil. Is there a more efficient radiator in w124 family ?(like 300TE ?) May I apply some...
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    Glow Plugs...

    Jimmy, 11 V was not the voltage tested at the plug it was written on the body of the plug. On the new plug fitted it was 11.5 V. thanks, Dogan
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