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    Does the e class cabriolet mist up?

    I’m considering buying a 2012 e class E350 cabriolet. For many years my wife had a VW EOS with folding hardtop and although an excellent car during the winter months all the insides of the windows misted up necessitating dehumidifying/ moisture absorbent pads under the front and rear screens...
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    Question on service schedule for e class

    I’m looking at an e class 350 cabrio from a non franchised dealer. They show the service history as below. Does this sound right? Would not more checks/replacements be carried out at least during the 33K mile service? Is there a MB service schedule for this model online? Thanks. 01-03-2015...
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    Car Purchase problems

    Yes, honestly, that's my better half! She has a 2008 VW Eos which goes to Sainsburys twice a week and averages 800 miles between annual MOTs! When out together we take my Mazda double cab pickup all the costs of which -being self employed- are allowable for tax purposes. The Eos will soon be...
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    Car Purchase problems

    The legal owner of the vehicle is the name of the person on the selling dealers invoice/receipt. The name on the V5 and who paid for the car are not relevant. If the name on the invoice/receipt is that of the deceased then it will become part of the estate.
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