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    Ml55 Is Alive

    Apparently only in the US, europe will see no more until new model is released, maff, what did you want to compare with ED,s new motor, I drove both. so could probably answer.
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    extended warranties

    As alfie has said, they do. mercedes of cambridge, quoted me back in may for my ML55 £874 Including the £200 pre-test/check which all extended warrant cars have to go through prior. Not sure if its the same as the original 3 year you get, i never took it out as it doesnt include wear and tear on...
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    2005 German 'Autobahn Adventure' - Brabus Factory and Nürburgring

    Hi all, i am very interested, but would need exact dates to confirm, also dont fancy driving on my own as wife not interested, but happy to take passenger or whatever.
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    Calling ML owners - buying tips

    ml spec Hi, i recently had a o4 270cdi demo car, whilst my ml55 was in for warranty, and i must say the build quality is just as bad on the facelift models. nevertheless the 270 is the one to have as residules are far better, you must at least find one with lux pack as ive noticed used cars...
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    Miles Per Gallon

    back to mpg I can get 19-21mpg @85 on motorways, down to 13-15 town, and as low as 9 towing, the car is fantastic on motorways, so i dont mind, and i use the wife's a170 for local journeys as it doesnt seem to use any fuel???
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    sat nav

    Hi i have just registered, and was wondering where to buy the latest telewest cd rom for uk..
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