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    190e auto sports box.

    Well it is "Mint" if Mint means Accident damage at the front, hence no proper pictures of it. Have fun spotting the damage. (inside and out) And check his Ebay feedback :)
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    Fitting mixer taps

    How about a plug? Put the plug in. Fill with Hot water. Top up with cold water until the water is at your required temperature.
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    The Beano...

    "Dong" I'm in the fan club as well, I still have the wallet, car an fluffy Gnasher Badge, don't know where the Dennis one is though.
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    How old would you be?

    I used to wear Black DM boots, Black Levis, Sepultura/Metallica or other Tshirt in black. I always got into the places I wanted to get into :D
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    Mouse in my car

    Simply shove a cat into the vents. pull the grill off and poke a cat into the system. I would use a broom handle to really get kitty in there deep.
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    fitting a at screen tv to the wall

    I have a few large screens attached to my walls. Several decent rawl plugs (Through the plaster and into the Block) should do. However I used...
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    Whitney Houston...RIP

    The worst thing of all about her death is that they are going to put "The Bodyguard" on TV. I Frikking hate Kevin Costner.
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    Freezing night - How confident are you that your car will start tomorrow?

    Hopeful , unless the veg in the tank has turned to Trex
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    Working while claiming sick pay

    Shop the fat cow. I would.
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    Microchip cat flap

    Dont use a BB gun, a super soaker with a little TCP works well
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    GT5 on PS3.

    Anyone playing online at the moment? Whats your ID? Mine is RICH_27-
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    £10 in a National Savings Investment Account

    Lend me a fiver, please?
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    £10 in a National Savings Investment Account

    I`m watching that as well. :thumb:
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    Petroplus prepares to file for insolvency

    No. My knackered W124 however :thumb:
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    Nah, not Dumbo. The Lion King however I blub like a baby. ;)
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    I have a load of Disney VHS tapes that I bung on in the kids room when its cold and raining. I got the whole sack of films for about £2 at a carboot and the TV with built in VHS player was free
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    W124 Estate

    That much for a W124, have a look at my one, it must be worth three grand according to their valuation.
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    Home Security

    You need
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