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    Amber warning light - Code reader

    Thank you. I might now try one to clear my codes.
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    Amber warning light - Code reader

    Hi Bud. You couldn't have a look to see if 2016 Mercedes Vito W447 116CDi is on the list & what it can do? They seem to say Merc,Smart & Sprinter ! Thanks Tones
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    Vito W447 - 65 reg Loss of power up hill - Please help

    If your 1.6 is a Renault engine then maybe worth a shot on one of there sites ! I would be tempted to clean the MAP & MAF sensors with electrical contact cleaner.....'Not touching them (just spray) & wiring unplugged.' making sure your air filter is clean. I do this to my Vito, Beemer &...
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    ABS& ESP fault comes and go"s on my S320cdi W221 2007

    Snap. Brake switch £19 from Exeter Mercedes. All lit up no cruise, heavy steering & lit up from turning key. Brake switch like a reed switch ( no plunger any more) 5 minutes to fit! drove around for a few miles & all faults cleared 2 days ago so Happy! Vito W447 2016 116CDI. Trying to find OB2...
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    7G tronic gearbox oil not changed

    Had my 7g tronic box serviced 3 months ago on 1st service 2 years old and as per service book 80,000 miles to next gearbox service so is due. Hope that helps as your not far of recommended service interval. Although as others it is always best to service on less mileage as with oil service...
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    Adblue? - E350d (W213) 2017

    Europarts click & collect 10 litres Greenchem Adblue £9.74 using this weeks code SALE55. Car will tell you when its low. You can see level on dash using steering wheel buttons
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    How to tell if its AGM battery

    Another way to know is if you have stop/start it will usually be a AGM battery. Newer Merc's now have 2 batteries now like my new Vito 116 bluetec auto. Hope that helps. If you have a CTec charger then do not charge the battery in the car in the AGM mode or recon mode unless the battery is...
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    Intermittent limp mode

    Could also be the wiring connections to the air box which controls the Maf or egr wires etc as they all add up a resistance reading to the ecu. You might have just pulled one. Try disconnecting and firmly reconnecting the difference connectors or you could of trapped a cable. Also try a...
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    Becker map pilot wanted

    Hi I am after a Becker map pilot MO54 onwards if anyone has one, Cheers
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    ml270 fuel filter change

    Thin nosed visegrips are a good idea to clamp off fuel lines first to stop any anti siphoning as well as refilling the fuel filter first. The thin nose visegrips need to be sleeved with some plastic pipe for a soft grip. from Amazon or ebay. Used on a few makes of cars. If petrol disconnect...
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    W203 C320 Now my Fuel Pump has started whining

    I,ve recently changed my fuel filter on 2009 Vito and filled the new filter with diesel before fitting. My version self bleeds but earlier engines need the fuel bled through first. I suggest you find a utube video of your car having a fuel filter replaced and go back to your garage with that...
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    W447 Compact Sport 119 CDI

    Nice truck KoFiddee. Got 116 coming end of September, steptronic, Intelligent Led lighting. Tailgate, blacked out windows, collision.etc etc. Tried the 119. WOW! is all I can say....But went sensible and had a 116. Van Style do loads of bits which are extremely good quality and will be ordering...
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    Poor radio reception

    Hi Matt the amplified aerial wire is connected to the windscreen or rear window with a double type popper button the same as a PP3 battery. Mercedes have a common fault of the popper on the glass breaking off or the popper has been pulled off its connection only when the fitter was pulling the...
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    New Member

    Hi all I'm new to the club. Have new Vito 116 Bluetec van coming for the end of September. Have had Vito,s for last 16 years as I'm a Sparks. Hope to give some knowledge but also gain some! Tonesbluetec116
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