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    What's this lovely car?

    It is registered as a Bentley Tourer, Green, 6597cc, 3/6/1988
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    Guess the premium

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    W204 C63 IPE Valvetronic Rear Section

    I have £800 in my bank. That is it. :(
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    C63 AMG standard exhaust, cats, resonator and straight pipe

    How much for the backboxes and straight pipe (res delete)? Where abouts in surrey are you?
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    Any Gumballers on MBClub?

    Isn't it ludicrously expensive too? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Talk to me about......Vitos!

    Cheers for this. Any particular alternatives poke their head up above the rest from your experience?
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    Talk to me about......Vitos!

    Cheers guys. Looking at insurance, I can't go for the V6 as it is too expensive, so was looking at the 111? Any particular reasons not to look at them?
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    Talk to me about......Vitos!

    Cheers for the replys, and I'm off looking at vans at the weekend! Current trackbike is a K7 GSX-R750. Got the bug at the beginning of last year, and ended up at Cartagena last November! Having to rely on mates with Vans is getting annoying, and a pain having to load up early in the morning...
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    Talk to me about......Vitos!

    Hi all, Looking at getting a van as I am doing more and more bike trackdays so need to be able to get around and not rely on mates! Have been told by a good friend of mine the VW and Merc are the way to go for a reliable van, and that lead me to Vitos. So, please tell me, whats good...
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    Any Motorbikers out there in the South East?

    I have a few bikes, Suz GSX-R750 for track, Yam MT-09 Tracer for touring/everyday which replaced (but I still haven't sold) Triumph Street Triple R and a little MSX125 for the 3 miles to and from work. Love riding bikes, and I moved up from my 125 to an SV650S. Great bike and would highly...
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    Mercedes Customer Service Fail

    Just say you aren't confident in driving the car any further and as it is only a few days old, you would like a Mercedes trained technician to take a look and make sure the car is ok. Emphasise you are concerned and it is not what you are used to with the excellent Mercedes brand. Sent from...
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    Mercedes Customer Service Fail

    Phone up the mobilo care and say the car have come up with a load of errors and you don't want to drive it. Should get it recovered and a hire car dropped off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Brands Hatch 3rd Feb

    I know who it is but not sure he is on here. Are you on Facebook? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sandown mercedes Basingstoke

    Not used them yet, but will be using them from now on after two disastrous visits to Guildford. Friend of mine has used them for servicing on his SLK32 and they seemed ok. They have a VIP weekend this weekend so pop down and they may have some extra money off the one you want. Sent from my...
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    C63 507 or F80 M3/M4

    I would rather a W204 over the F80 any day. I just can't stand the sound of them. They have ruined it!
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    C63 Mileage

    I think there is a guy in the states on 180k miles!!
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    Benz on The Green 2017

    1.Alfie (or someone else from Comand!) 2.Charles Morgan! (Registered) 3.Vijilants (registered) 4.C43AMG ( Registered ) 5.C36fan 6.The_Don 7.C240Sport97 (registered) 8.Fatneck73 (Adrian) registered. C63 2011 saloon. 9.merc85 (Gavin) w211 e55k Registered 10.Bryan Allman - E63 Bi-Turbo PP...
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    Main dealer service experience, including 'StarView'

    Glad you had a good experience of Guildford, shame I can't really say the same. Unfortunately it was the same service person on two occasion about a month apart that cocked it up and I will never return there. The other guys and the actual service were fine, but the attitude of one of the...
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    New girl

    I'm 23 and have just insured my C63 for another year and it cost £669.80 fully comp. Obviously location plays a big factor, but the AMG insurance may not be as bad as you think depending on where you live, NCB etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Without revealing your actual age...

    Bill Clinton was sworn in as President. Obviously I don't remember that though... I played outside after school, and saw my mates down the park, not online. Probably the last generation to know about that!
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