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    W216 Armrest Won't Close

    Well I went to close the centre armrest on my CL the other week and it no longer latches closed, and just springs open as soon as I raise my left arm, such as whilst parking or taking a sharp corner. It's currently hinged on the passenger side and I've spent ages looking at it, and searching...
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    Another Newbie Saying Hello

    Hello all! I'm based in the North West and I have recently purchased what will be my second CL63 in several years. It's a very well kept and extremely well specified 2007 example with a total MB service history, so I'm very happy with my purchase, although it's a bit boring not having to...
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    CL55 - No sound from Command/Phone etc.

    Tried the fuses and checked the mute button but still no sound! The car also had a flat battery yesterday and had only been left for two days - lets just say they haven't bonded yet!
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    CL55 - No sound from Command/Phone etc.

    Cheers! I'll tell them to give the fuse a go.
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    CL55 - No sound from Command/Phone etc.

    Hi all, I'm writing on behalf of my aunt - she's just purchased a 2001 CL55 and the only thing that seems to be causing a problem seems to be the Command system. Everything has been working fine with the exception of the radio, which seemed to be stuck on LW - the sound was functioning...
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    c320 idle

    Hi, Based on my SL, you should find the MAF situated at the very back of the engine (between back of engine and bulkhead) and it can be found under the palstic engine cover. You need to remove the front part of the cover first, then take the 2nd part out and then you'ull see the MAF at the...
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    Becker Traffic Pro High Speed Nav Disks

    I have been looking on Ebay but I've only been searching the UK, so I'll take a look at the link! Cheers
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    Becker Traffic Pro High Speed Nav Disks

    Thanks for all the info and links - just checked the price of the vs.3.0 disk and its £198 (ouch), which is dam steep when you consider I only paid £220 for the Becker on Ebay. Guess I'll have to make do with outdated disks! :-(
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    Becker Traffic Pro High Speed Nav Disks

    Does anyone know which is the latest nav disc for the Becker Traffic Pro High Speed unit? The display shows TMC activated but doesn't give me the option of Dynamic route guidance, and the Postcode function only allows input of the first half of the postcode, which I think suggests the...
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    Radio/Sat Nav

    The Phatnoise range looks great, although I'm not really into my ICE and would be quite happy with a CD changer if I could be bothered to look for one. Anyone know which is the latest nav disc for the Becker Traffic Pro High Speed?
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    Radio/Sat Nav

    An alternative to Blaupunkt? I've just bought a Becker Traffic Pro High Speed of Ebay for £240 for my SL320 and it's fantastic. Becker make the sat nav units for Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche and I believe Mercedes (Mercedes APS 30 is a Becker), so the unit is very good quality, with just a few...
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    c320 idle

    I think one of the major symptoms relates to rough auto gearchanges - abrupt changes, hanging on to a gear, etc. You can find quite a bit of info on here if you search under MAF and it seems like a very common problem, so let's hope it stops the shakes at idle.
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    c320 idle

    The MAF sensor is situated just after the airbox - it seems failure is quite common around 50k miles and also results in some odd auto changes, which my car is displaying. Other symptoms include a rough idle, poor economy and reduced power. Cost of the unit is around £200 (Euro Car Parts) but it...
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    c320 idle

    My 99 SL320 has just started doing the same but I haven't a clue as to what it may be. I'm guessing its something electrical but would be suprised if its the plugs as I'm sure this would show at speeds other than Idle. MAF sensor?
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    CLK320 Recall Notice - Harmonic Balancer ....

    Sl320 V6 Does anyone know if this problem would also apply to a 99 SL320 V6 and what should I look for? Thanks!
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    Service in London (other than George Fraser!)

    I wouldn't mind that number too!
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    3.2 V6 Problems?

    Thanks for the info! It has a fmbsh and seems to have been fed on a diet of Mobil1, so I'll make sure I continue with the tlc.
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    Thanks for the info - I've tried the AA site and I think AA warranties can only be sold by the trade.
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    overseas newbie member here

    Hi to you both! I've just bought a 320SL and I love it too. Does the forum have an SL specific section or is it just general?
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    Navigation - recommendatons anyone?

    Not sure of the difference but the latest version is No. 8.0 and the JVC units are actually made by Becker, which may explain why JVC are still on version 7.0.
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