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    IPE Exhaust fitted at MSL

    Thanks Lee. It's the perfect all round solution between civilised and stupid when you want it to be! How exactly does the remote valve control interface work?
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    IPE Exhaust fitted at MSL

    I've just mailed him. Told him once I find someone to fit it locally, I'll push the button. He was quite happy with that and told me to give him a shout when I'm sorted! :thumb: Getting excited, even got the wife's approval for this one! Thanks Chris
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    IPE Exhaust fitted at MSL

    Awesome, thanks! Please keep us updated! I wonder what sort of ballpark cost we are talking....?
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    IPE Exhaust fitted at MSL

    Anyone got an IPE on a CLS55? Have been looking at Eisenmann, but i like the idea of a valved exhaust as i live on a very quiet street and i start work quite early!
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    CL55 Eisenmann "Sport" Performance Exhaust

    Curses, i really want an eisenmann but not sure if I could justify nearly 2k....
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    CL55 Eisenmann "Sport" Performance Exhaust

    Hmmm wonder if this would fit a CLS 55.... If so, count me in!
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    Ultimate amg accessory

    Still cheesy but not quite as bad.... For Mercedes W212 E w166 x166 2 x Laser LED Door courtesy Shadow Projector Light | eBay
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    W211 E63 Exhaust sound improvments

    If, hypothetically, one was to require slightly more bark low down the rev range, what would be the best option? (CLS55)
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    Eurocharged 55K Offers take a look new products!!!

    Paul, I'll take one of each if you can send it all to Aberdeen next time you are up! Would also take an x-pipe.
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    M113 K Long tube "headers"

    When might you be at Wallace next Paul?
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    M113 K Long tube "headers"

    Group buy? :D :thumb:
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    M113 K Long tube "headers"

    Please excuse my ignorance, PLM? I have had my eyes on Kleeman headers, so really appreciate the info.
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    Interesting BMW

    It's only a 528i.
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    Which AMG

    That is stunning.
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    E55k estate

    Miles? Spec? Year? Colour? History? May or May not be worth it. 8.9 may have been too low, 10.9 is likely expensive. Depends how much you really want the car. I would be willing to pay over the odds for a car that ticked every box.
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    Fallen 453.

    Because I had them on my 530 and whilst they were decent, I got the feeling that if they were on anything much more powerful they may not have fared well, they didn't inspire the same confidence as the conti's I had on previous. I also used 452's and 453's on my 3 series and loved them. When I...
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    Fallen 453.

    In my experience, they are superb on something up to say a 3.0, ie a 530 BM, but I think they would be frightening on a 55k.
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    Well... I gave in...

    Herr Schwartz? Collection sounds nice! :ttiuwp
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    My new Toy CLS 55 AMG

    Very nice!!! I changed my black badges back to chrome, I reckon it took 5 years off the car, if that makes sense. Still have black wheels. Will be doing my chrome window trims and boot handle black if I can get around to it.
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    New to AMG - S55 2003

    Gorgeous looking car, bargain!!!
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