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    18' Winter Tyres: Michelin Pilot Alpin - W204 C63 AMG

    I am reducing the price to £250 for a quick sale as the wife wants them gone!
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    18' Winter Tyres: Michelin Pilot Alpin - W204 C63 AMG

    4 Michelin Pilot Alpin Winter Tyres in 18' staggered size' Fronts x 2: 235/40 R18 95 V XL Rears x 2: 255/35 R18 94 V XL. I purchased these in October last year for £668 plus fitting (receipt available). They have done about 2,000 miles and are virtually new with no damage. I would like £350...
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    63 headbolts: Worst case?

    Just to add that if you visit Weistec's website, they do a 'M156 Head Studs and Maintenance Package' which consists of the ARP studs, cam cap bolts, cam phaser bolts and SLS buckets for $2,552 (parts only). It would probably be worthwhile contacting MSL who are an authorised UK dealer for...
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    63 headbolts: Worst case?

    Feedback from several UK based Mercedes specialists suggests that the headbolt failure is rare. I always check the temperature gauge and coolant level on my pre-facelift model but so far no problems! Weistec / ARP would be the route I would go if this ever becomes a problem in the future. As...
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    Damaged Paintwork

    Just seen this, sorry for the delay in replying! The reason is that a much greater volume of the inevitable air borne contaminants such as dust, seeds etc will be more of a problem on a flat / horizontal surface than on a vertical surface. Also, it is difficult to carry out a small area repair...
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    Buying a DA

    There are plenty of 'how to's' on You Tube but my advice would be to get a panel from a salvage yard to practise developing your technique before letting yourself loose on your pride and joy! It is important that you avoid building up heat from friction as it is this which causes the problems...
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    Buying a DA

    I undertake car bodywork repairs for a living and the depth of lacquer on Mercs is no less than on any other makes of car. The process for applying lacquer is pretty much the same for all makes of car ie using a spray gun which lays it evenly. Over the years lacquers have been refined and moved...
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    Soon to be new w204 C63 owner

    Your insurer will authorise the repairs and then pay the repairer direct. They will then try to claim back the costs they have incurred from the third party's insurers. Providing they are reimbursed it will not affect your no claims discount / claims record (if you have protected no claims...
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    Oil level rising on dipstick

    I had exactly the same problem with my Sprinter and it turned out to be two leaky injectors. Be careful as too much diesel in the engine oil will cause the engine to seize, as happened to mine. You need to get all the injectors out and tested for leaks. Don't rely on engine diagnostics to test...
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    Soon to be new w204 C63 owner

    You should double check that. I am with LV and when I disclosed the remap there was no extra charge. Also, if you go on their website and do an online quote and tick yes to modifications, then select engine chip / map, there will be no extra charge. They normally allow upto 3 mods before they...
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    Damaged Paintwork

    The bonnet will need to be resprayed in a controlled environment, ie a bodyshop. A large flat surface such as a bonnet is not suitable for a mobile repair.
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    DAS Polisher

    The swirl marks would have been caused by contaminants on the foam pad, rather than the rotary polisher itself. It is vital to thoroughly 'decontaminate' the car paintwork first (snow foam, wash, clay bar, wash, dry) before starting the machine polishing process as one tiny grain of grit on the...
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    DAS Polisher

    I repair and polish car panels for a living and to do it properly requires practise and using the correct technique. As mentioned earlier, if you are serious get a second hand wing, a panel stand and a rotary rather than dual action polisher. A decent quality (balanced) rotary polisher with...
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    Do you put winter tires on your AMG?

    I have winter tyres on my C63. They make a huge difference to grip, handling, traction and stopping distance when the weather is cold and wet. There doesn't need to be snow to notice the difference!
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    How many c63 pre facelift owners on here?

    I have a pre-facelift PP as well and really like it. One of the great attractions for me was the normally aspirated 6.3 litre engine and the performance pack. The car has great presence and more than enough power for me. I looked at other makes, including Porsche 911s and Audi RS, but came to...
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    67 Plate A200d Remap

    The potential problem here, arguably of greater significance than warranty issues as has been mooted by gibsonk is that if you are involved in a major accident or event, which results in your car being written off, there is a good chance that the insurance assessor will have instructions from...
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    Nearly new Tyres

    Ebay does allow prospective purchasers to search with geographical limits so no reason why you couldn't offer them for sale on a collection only basis via this route. Pirelli is a good make so I am sure you will find a taker if your price is realistic.
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    Bumper Protector

    Rear Bumper Rubber Protector Cover Strip Plate Guard 90cm For VW Benz Audi BMW | eBay This one is made out of rubber so is flexible and reasonably priced. I would be concerned about the rigid ones potentially compromising the lacquer / paintwork.
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    car shampoo

    Another vote for Meguiars Gold Class shampoo. Leaves the bodywork looking really clean and shiny and smells nice too!
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    When to put the winters on?

    Can't say I agree with that! I put on a set of Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4s on a couple of weeks and now the weather is starting to cool down, the difference is very noticeable, particularly in the wet. You don't have to be driving fast to notice the difference!
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