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    Windscreen Q's & A's

    I have a question, last time I needed a replacement windscreen I insisted on a genuine MB replacement (comes with hologram) but had to pay extra for this as insurer would only pay for their standard replacement. What's your (or others) take on this?
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    Chrysler 300C

    My friend has a Chrysler 300C and needs MOT and service (London - pref West) and doesn't want to go to any main dealers. I notice a few people on here have had or know people with similar cars. Any recommendations for garages? Just wondered as perhaps a Mercedes indy may service them due to...
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    Our Spain/Portugal holiday

    Really enjoyed the photographs, lovely composition
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  5. 2001


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  9. 2001 C240

    2001 C240

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    My C Class (W203) 2001 C240

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    New windscreen for S211 - MB or OEM?

    I went to so much trouble insisting I get an OEM windscreen when mine cracked, I was quite relived when it all done. One week later a lorry overtook and it was it literally slow motion, I saw this stone come off the road and - smack! another crack on the new screen! :eek:
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    Replacing A-Class air vent stepper motor

    Wow that is some site! Would love to see the version for a C Class stepper
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    Sworovski sl600

    In action... yo yo yo short movie link
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    W203 Headlamp question

    Thanks for replies guys, much appreciated. Could anyone with a w203 just check to see if their one is similar, or if mine with the break out cable is unusual? thanks...
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    W203 Headlamp question

    Here is picture (passenger side) with headlamp removed showing the main rectangular connector and separate wiring for the indicator (which is only on this side - not the drivers side). Are all w203 like this?
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    W203 Headlamp question

    Thanks vtd, did try but seller no longer active on ebay and the units originally from Far East, hence my post - my fault for taking far too long to get round to doing things! :doh:
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    W203 Headlamp question

    I finally got round to installing my clear projector style headlamps (halogens) on my car at the weekend but have come up with a problem. Although they are supposed to be ‘plug and play’, the wiring on the car is different. Both the original headlamps and the projectors, have one main...
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    Big girl you are beautiful...

    I'm quite enjoying 'Shallow Hal' on tonite
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    Boris Johnson

    I noticed that the vast majority of Bankers decided to take the day off too in London and its high streets.
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    nasty photo work clk

    Some great perspectives in those pics
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