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    coolant level warning light w201

    Low coolant light came on yesterday,checked level and it did need a top up. Light remains on!!! temp stable at 80 degrees when driving. Just a bit paranoid as dont fancy a head gasket going. Do these lights need resetting or is the sensor buggered?
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    w201 Brake noise

    Having problem with 89 190e 2.0 auto; When holding car on the footbrake ( mainly on downward slope but also on the flat) I am getting sound like an electric motor from front right corner and at the same time a vibration through the pedal and the car slips forward slightly. I occasionaly get...
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    190e idle speed and other bits

    Hi, not well up on automatics but basically idles at 1100 rpm in neutral and 900 rpm when in drive and held with footbrake, both when hot or cold, when engaging drive or reverse gives a fair old jolt somewhere i transmission? all couplings seem in order on propshaft so thinking idle speed may...
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    low speed prop rumble,

    190e 2 litre, rumble from propshaft when pulling away seems to be front rubber coupling( forum also suggested this , thanks). How difficult to replace ? I have the Haynes,looks easy enough, Any tips from someone who has done one.Is it worthwile doing all the rubbers and maybe UJ's while the...
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    190e autobox and speedo

    Just bought first merc,89 190e 2.0 auto126,000miles.appears mint with piles of main dealer history. curious as autobox gives a harsh kick when taking up in D or R, smooth changes throughout the range when on the move otherwise.not sure how to check fluid? Central locking only works off...
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