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    ML320 isuues

    I wouldnt look at worse case, very unlikley that either are needed at those prices. lots of options open to you but I would start with a local indi with diagnostics (doesnt have to be STAR) to see what fault codes are there and what your options really are. I had a ML320 which stammered...
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    B200 run flats are to angry

    never said it would be easy! but the onus is still with the manufacturer to prove its pothole damage. also nothing to show it is pothole damage, so I am presuming at this stage that it is not. anyway, will keep you posted as to progress.
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    B200 run flats are to angry

    if a wheel shows no signs of damage or kerbing and has a buckle, there is obviously a defect or its not fit for purpose. Hitting a pot hole would in effect cause some damage to the wheel but it is for MB to prove that. Its easier for me to prove the wheel be defective than they prove its...
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    light switch illumination

    thanks for confirming - been bugging me for ages!
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    light switch illumination

    Afternoon Does anyone know if the symbols around the light switch on my B class shown are supposed to illuminate? I don’t remember them working but they do have an led strip light in the dash lip just above, so maybe supposed to be lit by this? Any comments?> :dk:
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    B200 run flats are to angry

    shame, on what grounds did they reject out of interest - I intend to take this as far as possible and make MB pay for the wheels. Dont forget a refurb is always an option for others - normally about £70-80 for a buckled standard allow and £150 or so for a diamond polished and paint. Maybe...
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    B200 run flats are to angry

    Ihave the same car with same 18" wheels on a sport. Both rear wheels are buckled, have arranged an inspection at the stealers next week to discuss the problem. Both wheels show no sign of damage so can only be pot holes + run flats + hard tyre walls = buckles...... how did you guys get on...
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    W246 B Class Cupholder Part NO 2012 model

    where does this go out of interest? do you not have the two cup holders centre console?
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    4 months left on warranty

    Afternoon all with only 4 months of warranty left on my B180 Sport (W246 manual) I was wondering if there is anything I should 'get done' before I loose the support of the network outside of Mobilo etc? any common issues on these cars in general? just out of interest please
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    B200 run flats are to angry

    I have B180 Sport with 18", run flats and the ride is awful! but I knew that when I bought it I guess...... anyway, my back wheel is buckled slightly, so off to the dealer to try and get it replaced under warranty - well I can but try! (no damage or marks to wheel, though it had thrown a...
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    W204 Coupe Mirror Reverse Position

    is the mirro adjust button left as LEFT mirror (ie NS) before you select reverse as that is what is needed on the ML for the mirror to drop. If you dont select left mirror it doesnt drop.
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    seat belt restraint detonators

    the car will be smashed up, so normally a good tell tale! they dont go off in minor knocks and when they do, its to prevent the seat belt from moving forward before the inertia units jam shut - so they resist against forward motion. Once deployed if the car is still operable, there will be an...
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    Better MPG after a B service and spark plug change?

    most of the time, these items get changed before they become an issue and often changed at age intervals rather than mileage, so even less issue likely. so in theory old spark plugs are less efficient at producing clean, sharp, sparks (due to element damage, carbonising tips etc) and old...
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    ECU Remap EGR Delete

    be interested to hear how much
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    Misting problem solved

    thanks for the update! hope you got to them before they started to stink of wee.........
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    Another steamy tale...........

    if the mist on the screen is just that, light fogging/mist then it should clean very quickly. if it looks like micro water droplets then it is likely a leak or wet mats from feet. This time of year is bad and ambient temps are dropping and the car will always be warmer internally so changes in...
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    44mpg out of my e320

    for what its worth, the ML returns about 24mpg around town and 29-31 on motorways doing 75-80. room for improvement.
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    44mpg out of my e320

    what map have you got?
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    Gearbox rebuild

    or have a look here? Home they are costly though
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    New car, number of problems

    yep, leaving AC on which is a 'dry air' si the quickest way to demist a car and remove moisture. Leaving a car on recirc will mist it up. what causes the light misting after having running AC when you return to the car zis the temp change from ambient to car interior temp
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