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    Audi R8, Bentley, RR Sport and ?

    What a crap post!, seems you have a problem with asians and their wealth get over it
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    OSX Lion

    John lewis for macs, you get 2 years warranty as opposed to apples 1
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    Audi s5 Clutch and Warranty Issues.

    Audi do seem to have some weird warranty rules. I have an A8 and have had to call audi assist twice, diagnosed the swirl flap on the manifold and needed replacing. he booked the car in all ok. Got a call from the dealer saying as the fault was not present they would swap the diagnosed part. The...
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    Merc E211

    the one we fitted to the TT was actually quite good, i would say real bargain to be honest. good plastic and buttons. cheers
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    Merc E211

    hi all just thought would post this, might be of interest, just fitted the audi tt version to one of our fleet cars, works really well. The audi version was only £400 Merc E Class, W211 Replacement GPS DVD OEM Audio 20 - Car Vision UK cheers Hash
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    A Very Strange Overfinch Warning?

    thought overfinch went bust anyway?
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    In Libya, Nato killing children to protect children

    lets be clear, this is all about oil. We let a million men, women and children die in darfur, how many more in the balkans etc etc Now under the no fly mandate we are targeting gaddaffi directly. This will only drag us in further, and frankly tt has nothing to do with us. thanks
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    Anybody experienced difficulties with MB Finance?

    I am about to take a another pcp for a non merc, over 4 years on a 10k pa mileage limit. I will be doing a voluntary termination at 3 years. this way i save the excess mileage charge. Note this has no negative effect on a credit history per se BUT any future car finance company will see it and...
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    Why do (some) Mercedes Dealers treat you so well?

    my local dealer is mercedes oxford and they are utter crap on the sales side, no return calls or info. service has actually been ok in the past when the car needed a service or fixing. thanks
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    Mercedes Oxford

    not as far as i know??
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    Mercedes Oxford

    Been talking to mark, top guy, very helpful so thanks for the tip. Hopefully we can do a deal cheers
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    Mercedes Oxford

    thanks Dillan
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    Mercedes Oxford

    hi all, another woeful dealer sales story.......called mercedes Oxford my local dealer on friday at 4.15pm. Spoke to a Richard Day, told him i was a after a new 350 cdi coupe with some choice extra's around £48k new. :bannana: Asked for a hp and pcp quote, he told me he was just leaving to...
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    W211 - New Tyres - Recommendations Please

    not a merc i know but have just changed all 4 of my 245/45/18 on my a8 for kuhmo ku19 and wow, smooth, quiet, lots of grip dry and wet. Very pleased. did not choose them on cost more on user reviews. £530 all in for 4, had Pirelli asymmetric with 4 mil still on them but started to behave a bit...
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    That Brabus CLK again... I think

    also a cat D.....
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    Audi A8 v S-Class value?

    HI i ahve had the pleasure of both, the previous gen E65 730d sport 7 series and i currently have a Audi a8 3.0 TDI SE, the previous gen no the latest one just released. I did 51k in 24 months in the e65 and it was a joy to drive cost virtually nothing to maintain but was far to complex for...
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    Which SatNav for iPhone?

    just got the EU version of co pilot, works great, fast gps lock, also got the usa version for a fiver and new zealand and australia (upcoming hols) tomtom was also good on the old 3gs, but copilot seems very fast on the new iphone 4 cheers hash
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    Thank God (or Apple) for the iphone 4

    well got our today, one for me and one for the wife both from apple, but o2 did not send the micro sim so just sat here!!! so decided to upgrade the 3gs just for fun
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    Sky hd problem

    hi sorry but your hard drive is failing so need to get sky to replace box, if out of warrantly you can replace drive yourself thanks
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    Bathroom fitters - cost?

    i have a flat that i rent and it needs a new bathroom and a new kitchen. had a couple of people around and quoted around 3k labour for a like for like kitchen and bathroom. Found a local fitter at £80 per day, 6 days work he reckons and that includes the tiling. based in oxford cheers hash
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