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    What car did you pass your driving test in?

    Ford Consul Classic My Mum's, back in 1970. Not this one, but same model and colour. I now have a small 1/43 model of it sitting on my desk, next to my 1/43 model CLK, and I still can't make my mind up which is prettiest :rolleyes:
  2. J

    "Roadtrains" on our roads in years to come?

    Here in Belgium at periods of very heavy congesiton on certain motorways (i.e. summer on the motorway to the coast) the police use a system where blocks of traffic are forced to follow two police cars at a fixed speed (often 80-90 kph), strict lane discipline, etc., and it works. Traffic stays...
  3. J

    If You are Looking for a Cheap Upgrade

    Pedant warning: should be "tout de suite", I knew you'd want to know that. Even in creole. :D
  4. J

    What do you get if you mate an S with a CL...

    But sand coloured cars make a lot of sense when you have a lot of sand coloured dust around -- having lived in the Emirates for a while with first a red and then a beige coloured car, my car cleaning bill decreased dramatically with the beige one. Mind you, the owner of this car probably has it...
  5. J

    E Class Iphone Integration

    As one who has the iPhone in the armrest option in my CLK, it's still a case of "out of sight, out of mind". I regularly have to go back to the car to collect the iPhone because I've forgotten it again. :doh:
  6. J

    In-car MP3, Ipod or otherwise.

    If the problem is "just" charging the newer generation iPods and iPhones, have you considered the Scosche passPORT Car Charging Adapter? It's a bit bulky (especially for a nano!) but it does the job. £19.95 from the Apple Store. I used to use one with my iPhone and a Becker head unit -- it's...
  7. J

    2006 c209 clk280

    My CLK coupé was also bought second-hand, first registered in January 2007. It came with the puncture repair kit, but I prefer the "old fashioned" real wheel and just asked the dealer if he would swap. Given that the front and rear wheels are different sizes, he threw in a 16" steel rimmed...
  8. J

    New ML63 AMG

    Presumably they think that Dodge (a sister company) is not "in the direct competitve lineup" with the Dodge Ram SRT and its 8.3-liter V10 Viper engine? Or perhaps they are being picky, the Viper engine being bigger but not quite as powerful.
  9. J

    Remove Audio 20?

    I think you'll find that the Merc radios need a special key -- look for two horizontal slots about 1 centimetre wide and 1 millimetre high at each bottom corner of the unit. The keys slide in there. You can get them on eBay, or you can ask your dealer (though not all will sell them to you, they...
  10. J

    Audio 10 (music file types)

    Single din is just the size of the unit. "DIN" being the German Standards Institute that defined the sizes of the holes in the dashboard and the radios that fit in them. Most head units are single-DIN, i.e., they are the size of one radio. This is the case of the Audio 10 -- all Audio 10s...
  11. J

    Becker Traffic Pro High Speed Nav Disks

    Have you tried looking for the disks on eBay? You should be able to pick them up for less than that, especially in Germany. Like this one: By the way, the latest version looks to be 3.2...
  12. J

    ice link with ipod

    Ice>Link yes, Merc head unit, no. I have a Becker sat nav head unit fitted and, so far, everything is working OK with my 3g iPod. I had to wait for the latest firmware upgrade (2.06) however before it worked as expected. Version 2.05 seemed very unstable, especially with the Becker. There is a...
  13. J

    Becker IPOD adaptor

    Tan, this is the Dension ICe>Link adaptor. Be very careful. I don't think that it will be compatible, since it is designed to use the Becker CD-changer protocol, whereas (as far as I know) the Mercedes units use a different one. Plus, they also use a different connector. I speak (more or less)...
  14. J

    A class

    On my 1999 A 160 -- and as far as I know, on all models -- it is pre-wired into the ISO connector block. I can never remember which pin (1 or 2), but it is the correct pin for most sat navs. It works on mine (Becker) and all the other comments I've seen with other units, with no mods required...
  15. J

    Dension Ice Link and JVC/Becker Traffic pro set up

    Well, actually it's the JVC KD-NX1R (Traffic Pro 4210 I think with a JVC badge) that I have fitted in my A class. I just received the Dension ICE Link today to hook up my iPod to the head unit. The iPod is charging and I can play it through the head unit using the AUX setting, so most of the...
  16. J

    CD changer options on 2001 SLK with Audio 10.

    The Audio 10 was (still is I think) specially made for Mercedes by Becker. It uses a proprietory optical link for the CD changer, making it difficult to fit anything else. I don't know if the CD changer will handle mp3 files, but doubt it (the Audio 10 doesn't).
  17. J

    So today I bought a Mac Mini

    Hmmm...when I moved from the bank I was working at in 1990, they were running DOS. Went to another company, they were running Macs (can't remember any more which OS, 6 maybe?). A revelation. Want to print something in the Hong Kong office, no problem, go to the Chooser, select the printer...
  18. J

    So today I bought a Mac Mini

    Having used a Mac since 1990 :D all I can say is what took you guys so long? :confused:
  19. J

    Navigation - recommendatons anyone?

    Yes, you're right. I sourced a copy of the Becker v8.0 CDs from eBay and the software loaded and updated the radio and navigation software of the unit immediately, no problem. The only issue I've had so far was the gps antenna falling off from where I'd (not very well) lodged it under the dash...
  20. J

    Connecting GPS cable

    Jimmy, I bought my sat-nav second hand off eBay, and the previous owner had cut the antenna cable, removing a large chunk of it. Suited me, since I stuck the antenna under the dash top and only needed a short cable run too. The join is now covered in insulating tape, and I don't particularly...
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