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  1. Subyland

    Pound Down -Car Prices Up.

    I know that a couple of manufacturers have put their prices up in Jan and Feb, due to the falling pound. But will they go down when the pound goes up ???
  2. Subyland

    Low wide tyres and snow

    I completely agree with the fact that FWD have got better grip than RWD, by the simple fact that there is more weight on the front axle due to the engine. Which were the vehicles most struggling yesterday? MB, BMW, and other RWD vehicles such as some Transit vans. Obviously FWD cars were not at...
  3. Subyland

    ASD/ASR - one and the same?

    That pretty much it. ASR was launched in 1986 so it was ahead of its time. ASD is MB's version of a LSD, but without the usual drawbacks as the electronic control allows the system to delay the unlocking of the diff (2s and 7s). But if both wheels are spinning then ASD isn't much help whereas...
  4. Subyland

    Am I the first?

    The solution to many problems...especially today. But work so much better if everybody has them...:crazy:
  5. Subyland

    ASD/ASR - one and the same?

    ASD is an electronic limited slip diff. When detecting that one wheel is spinning the multi-plate clutch allowing the differential will progressively be close using a HP hydraulic pump (hence the reservoir). The prime objective is to improve traction during start off on slippery condition. ASR...
  6. Subyland

    Water softeners

    Just a quick update to say that following the advice given here I have purchased a few months ago a Kinetico water softener and I am very happy with it. I use 1 bag of 8kg of salt every 10 weeks or so. Thanks to all the contributors.
  7. Subyland


    Haven't had much at all here yet, but can't wait for some more!!!
  8. Subyland

    W124 Quandry

    You can still get parts for 4matic w124. Although the reputation of the model over here is not good, there are still plenty of 4matic on the road especially in Germany and Switzerland.
  9. Subyland

    standard of british driving

    You should have been in South France a few weeks ago, Absolutely gridlocked because of the snow, no better than here.
  10. Subyland

    Am I the first?

    A good set of winter tyres would have done nicely. My 124 is coping just fine with the weather and the stationary heater is working overtime. :D :bannana:
  11. Subyland

    where have all the 18 month old E estates gone ??

    Actually January is the 3rd biggest month after March and September, with 162000 regs last year. As traditional new car buyers turn to used cars stock has depleted rapidly. That said, premium brands and late models are still depreciating each month whilst the residual values of some mainstream...
  12. Subyland

    Noisy wiper arm - w168

    My wife's w168 has suddenly developped a noisy wiper arm. It "squeels" when moving. I was planning on putting some WD40 on the spring and base mechanism. Anybody can see a reason why not?
  13. Subyland

    NTLDR file

    Worked a treat. Many thanks to both of you.:bannana:
  14. Subyland

    NTLDR file

    Both drive are set to cable select.
  15. Subyland

    NTLDR file

    Hello all, I am in the process of reloading XP on my PC. I have 2 HHD, one for the OS and the programs, one for my files. I have loaded XP on the OS drive, with the other one disconnected. Now, when I connect the 2nd drive the PC does not boot and I get "NTLDR is missing". Having done a...
  16. Subyland

    Winter weather driving.

    That no good at all on ice and snow as you are decreasing the kg/cm2 pressure ratio. The narrower the tyre the more pressure and therefore the more traction.
  17. Subyland

    4x Goodyear Ultra Grip 7 205/60 (winter tyres)

    Hello all, I have for sale a set of barely used 4x Goodyear Ultra Grip 7 winter tyres. Dimensions are 205/60R15 91H. Tyres have covered less than 5000 miles. The DOT marking is either 3406 or 3506 and the thread left is: - 7.4mm - 7.4mm - 7.6mm - 7.6mm I will let them go to any...
  18. Subyland

    Oil Prices

    Unfortunately the graph does not show the data for the last 12 months. What is obvious though from the graph is that when oil prices go up pump prices climb at a steeper rate...
  19. Subyland

    Oil Prices

    All these pages and pages of explanations have me confused. It is probably far too complicated for me to understand but I do notice one constant pattern: fuel prices always go up faster than they come down...
  20. Subyland

    Britain Has the most dangerous drivers in Europe ...FACT..

    As both the middle and outside lane are reserved for overtaking, you are suppose to indicate when overtaking. Or so they taught me many years ago! People now use the indicator as a less agressive mean to advise the driver in front that they want to overtake you. Contrary to what Jimti...
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