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  1. abueloeddie

    EQA’s When will I get my over sterilised hands on a Demo model?

    ‘ Tis the first day of Spring, my current leased A Class is in the last few months of its’ contract and I’m itching to discover the ( Alleged) delights of driving a proper ’leccy buggy” by M/B. The finance is ( just) within my reach ( providing we both stop eating this year!). So...
  2. abueloeddie

    Retro fitting of Reversing camera

    This is very late Alfie, ( but I've been 'Proper Poorly!") and the affected Vehicle has been replaced twice via ongoing lease hold . I have to say, the Syntner, Newcastle dealership has always ben of great help and although they could not fit a camera, they passed me along to a nearby Car...
  3. abueloeddie

    Diesel emissions claims

    Ladies and Gents....... let me state.. I have absolutely no intention of claiming a single penny from Mercedes over a so called mendacious behaviour regarding fuel consumption figures and / or installing software to produce a false data only when under test. Simply put I see no reason why i...
  4. abueloeddie

    Mercedes Me = Tracker?

    I have just the car. as described 3 months old with a "Mercedes Me" Tracker fitted This worked very well when I left the car at Manchester Airport "Meet and Greet" (which was nothing of the sort but that's another story) I flew to Gibraltar and using the app on the iPhone I was able to...
  5. abueloeddie

    Comand Upgrade

    I need to create an itinerary for a holiday trip using the Comand Sat nav., but find that the Control marked " Intermediate Destinations" is 'Greyed Out' on screen The car is an E Class Saloon with a 2014 plate. Rumour has it that this will take more than just an update to get it...
  6. abueloeddie

    Mercedes in fatal accident

    "what exactly goes through the minds of these individuals" Probably the lower edge of the sun visor, speedily followed by several chunks of windscreen
  7. abueloeddie

    Headlight switching for Europe (LHD).

    Well, gents, (and ladies) after 9 days and a couple of nights driving around South Brittany I can safely say that all the worry about headlight adjustment on a nearly new E Class Merc., was nobbut a waste of time! Not one flash nor any indication that my dipped headlights were bothering any...
  8. abueloeddie

    Headlight switching for Europe (LHD).

    Many thanks Dieselman and all who replied.
  9. abueloeddie

    Headlight switching for Europe (LHD).

    OK .Thanks lads! I'll set off for la Belle France with unadjusted h/lamps and hope for the best. Apropos Breath test kits.. I picked up 2 packets from Halfords yesterday and bunged 'em int' boot with the rest of the Garbage ( Essential items deemed vital to passage across said furrin'...
  10. abueloeddie

    Headlight switching for Europe (LHD).

    Well as usual when I go to remove the circular plastic cover, it comes off ok but then your instructions get a bit vague 'Feel around for a switch".... I've felt around for a switch but as I have no idea what or where I'm supposed to be looking / feeling for, I'm still in the dark! I can...
  11. abueloeddie

    Headlight switching for Europe (LHD).

    European driving... Need for headlight adaptors or no? My vehicle is a 3 month old E Class 220 CDi and I'm assured by the Merc. Main Dealer that I do not need such adaptors for my forthcoming travel through France. When using the headlights on main beam here in UK, there does seem to be a...
  12. abueloeddie

    Parktronic Problems

    I must be doing something wrong as when I go to use this the and select Reverse. the Blue "P" promptly disappears and I'm left blocking the road like a 6 month novice and here's me in my 47 th year of driving.... so what's the secret..? Approach to Parallel Park Small white arrow appears on...
  13. abueloeddie

    Front Fogs on New E Class 220 CDi

    Just last month... Before I sold my E Class3.2 CDi Fitted with two powerful white light lamps at the front We live within 1 mile of the North Sea coast and when a high pressure system causes the East wind to move the dense Haar or sea mist over onto the land we get an almost impenetrable white...
  14. abueloeddie

    Front Fogs on New E Class 220 CDi

    Thanks for your reply Tony... It would seem so.... my M/B Main dealer has confirmed that this particular model ( the ES )does not have front fogs. If I has known I would have specified this upgrade earlier... we're to look into a retro fit.. depending on cost.
  15. abueloeddie

    Front Fogs on New E Class 220 CDi

    Ok, I give up! Where have MB hidden the front fog lights of the E Class 220CDi ?:dk: There is only one bright Rear fog light which shows when the appropriate switch is pressed alongside the main lighting control snd the Hand book and the online User Manual talk about the front fogs coming on...
  16. abueloeddie

    Retro fitting of Reversing camera

    Hi Richard I'm up in the North East in Blyth near Newcastle. A bit of a trip to your neck of the woods.... however, the MB main dealer is looking into it and is to get back to me with prices etc. asap. Thanks for your reply
  17. abueloeddie

    Retro fitting of Reversing camera

    Thanks to both of you. The Car is fitted with a 'COMAND' media centre Sat nav and CD / DVD player. All very 'Swish' and new and I'm still wading through 'Gizmos' one by one..... Still, I found that my lovely Welsh Opera/ pop star Katherine Jenkins sounds just as good on this car as she did...
  18. abueloeddie

    Retro fitting of Reversing camera

    A New E Class 2.2 CDI came without a reversing camera... The MB 'Build Your Own' site gives the price of one (factory fitted presumably) of £360+ Are these able to be fitted after taking delivery my latest pride and joy?
  19. abueloeddie

    New Member (with 10 posts) from Sunny Northumberland

    Apologies to all welcoming members for my extended absence from the forums, a spot of the seemingly obligatory ( at my age)'Ticker Trouble' has kept me otherwise concerned and the car with a season Ticket for the local cardio hospital' parking place All better now, and just catching up with...
  20. abueloeddie

    Passenger side footwell light U/S. How to replace please?

    Apologies for extended absence from the forums... Yes I did.. my tame 'indy' Merc. Person was tasked with the job.... He found that the supply cable ended in nothing at all and had been buried up inside the trim panel which bridges the footwell. The lamp holder was inplace but it must have...
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