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  1. danandgerry

    Worried about fitting glow plugs to 1998 w210 e class diesel

    Sadly my clk 55 amg has gone, I now have 300 td w210 1998 near mint with two duff glow plugs, So with all the terrible things I've read about changing them I talked to my man at the garage he set my mind at rest said no probs bring it in two hours later job done, No more lumpiness or smoke...
  2. danandgerry

    Who Built your AMG Engine?

    Joachim Schmitt built mine and its sweet.
  3. danandgerry

    Unimog landcruiser 2.9l motorhome

    I understand what your saying camerafodder but this thing is 12ft 6in high and it was almost lolling into the oncoming traffic and if I'd done the deal I would have to drive it home 300 miles plus I would have been a wreck,Also you were right it's underpowered so it wasn't to be .
  4. danandgerry

    Unimog landcruiser 2.9l motorhome

    I took your post the wrong way camerafodder sorry.Anyway for anyone thats interested I went to see the said beast and fell love,But it's not set up for the road scared the salesman half to death and me also when we tried it on the road, but thinking about it its been fitted with new tyres they...
  5. danandgerry

    Unimog landcruiser 2.9l motorhome

    Spinal. My 2004 55 clk amg and 10 grand, but I haven't done the deal yet. Bargain if all goes to plan.
  6. danandgerry

    Unimog landcruiser 2.9l motorhome

    Spent 6 weeks in Australia with my son saw one of these fell in love with it I only want to travel around Aus it will get me where I want to go nothing too drastic I am near 70
  7. danandgerry

    Unimog landcruiser 2.9l motorhome

    Hope this works Wow it worked not sure how I did it. That is no flying pig camerafoder
  8. danandgerry

    Unimog landcruiser 2.9l motorhome

    I'll try and post picture but I'm not sure how
  9. danandgerry

    Unimog landcruiser 2.9l motorhome

    Yes I was in the army for 9yrs and I've driven a really old 609 I if you can drive one of those you can drive any thing
  10. danandgerry

    Unimog landcruiser 2.9l motorhome

    Thinking I might buy this unimog try it out then export it to Australia and spend 3 months,or maybe 6 looking around that vast beautiful country,anyone had any experience of one of these big beast's
  11. danandgerry

    SLK roof stops mid cycle

    Have you checked your hydrolic oil level in the boot.
  12. danandgerry

    Tesco fuel or branded

    I put in the cheaper fuel into my amg at a bp outlet (by mistake) never noticed any difference been tempted to carry on but thought I might ruin the engine.
  13. danandgerry

    Lhd 560SEL

    Yes I think the sellers from disney land
  14. danandgerry

    Battery Charge message

    Your defective light warning is probably one or two of you rear bulbs working but wrong wattage was with mine I had a warning light for years then a bulb went replaced it and the warning light was gone, had the wrong bulb in all that time.
  15. danandgerry

    CLK 500 fuel consumption

    Brulan look where he's from I dont think their gallons the same as ours
  16. danandgerry

    water pump for 1950's 180a

    Water pump for a 180 I used to own pretty sure it's never been used might be usefull to someone, somebody on here wanted it but I couldn't find it and I lost contact with them make me an offer.
  17. danandgerry

    SL350 stuck in park

    Good old mercedes why keep it simple.
  18. danandgerry

    SL350 stuck in park

    Stick a pen biro down in left hand/bottom corner by your gear stick and you can move change gear
  19. danandgerry

    CL500 Electric problems, can anyone HELP?

    When my battery got a bit low from the drain it did give other problems which dissapeared when the battery was fully charged.
  20. danandgerry

    Off side front lamp for 91 300 ce 24

    No the broken plastic bits inside(encapsulated) no way for them to escape were missing the mirrored bit was loose rattling about inside, and it was the lamp I needed but its ok I super glued one piece of plastic and just swapped the glass so alls well.
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