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  1. mmerc

    W477 vito 2018

    Looking for new steering rack for w477 Mercedes’ vito 2018 .
  2. mmerc

    Auto transmission service in Edinburgh

    Paul Brydon MBA auto specialists
  3. mmerc

    What fuel do you use in your car?

    Shell diesel only
  4. mmerc

    D&G garage Tyres

    Two new rear tyres on the car today 245/40/18 Goodyear F1 asymmetric 5 sport,good price professional service by Kenny & his team.👍
  5. mmerc

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    SAS 22 on a Range Rover in edinburgh about 4 months ago.S4 on an Audi s4 in edinburgh.
  6. mmerc

    Recommended after market brand of brake discs & pads

    I bought brembo rear pads recently from eurocar parts ,great price not fitted yet but will keep you all informed.
  7. mmerc

    W205 NOx Sensors Fail

    Update,nox sensor failed, Mercedes will cover under there warranty as well known fault,car is out of warranty by 4 months .well pleased well done Mercedes .✅
  8. mmerc

    W205 NOx Sensors Fail

    I have just booked my 2017 250d premium plus in for July 1 2020 for engine management light on yesterday, hopefully if it’s the nox sensors they do them as a goodwill gesture as I’m 3 months out of warranty, Mercedes updated my software in March this year before warranty ran out and now a...
  9. mmerc

    Replacement tyres for C-Class (2015) (W205) - Runflats?

    Run flats are to harsh a ride on uk roads,I replaced tyres recently with Goodyear eagle 5 great tread depth and low noise well pleased.
  10. mmerc

    Latest version of COMAND satnav software?

    Had mine updated at the stealers last month it’s a 2017 vehicle now running 2018/2019 sat nav my answer would be yes as far as I know.
  11. mmerc


    I don’t get my vehicle serviced at the main dealer as to exspensive as compared to a Mercedes independent.
  12. mmerc


    Mercedes manufacturer’s warranty runs out this month ,I discovered my sat nav is running on 2016 firmware phoned dealership today booked in for Thursday for update free of charge.great service. Well done Mercedes.
  13. mmerc

    1 year in love it.

  14. mmerc

    W205 250d b service prices

    He is vat registered I have been using him for years . I really put the post up for information and comments .thank you.
  15. mmerc

    W205 250d b service prices

    Phoned for a price for b service for the car,it’s on a 17 plate with 8456 miles, Mercedes Benz new bridge edinburgh £512.00 includes brake fluid,oil and filter and dust filter. As above Grangemouth Mercedes Benz £410.00,Mercedes Benz newcraighall £510.00. An independent Mercedes Benz trained...
  16. mmerc

    Another caliper painting thread

    I did my old w204 with bright red Hammerite paint looked great took two coats. I am thinking of doing my w205 the same . Debadge is a diy job fishing line and a hair dryer. Good luck.✅
  17. mmerc

    Windscreen scratches

    Problem has been resolved by a company called diamond glass solutions here in Scotland ,I got in touch the Gentleman arrived assessed the problem polished every bit of damage out of the windscreen ,a very professional service would highly recommend total cost £75.00 .✅
  18. mmerc

    Windscreen scratches

    Great idea dealer in Portsmouth I’m in Edinburgh ,also they are not really interested the car is bought and payed for they don’t care.
  19. mmerc

    Windscreen scratches

    I have now taken ownership of a 2017 c class ,unfortunately it has scratches on the windscreen caused by wipers prior to my ownership,the scratches do not appear to be that deep what is the best way of total removal.thanks for your help.
  20. mmerc

    W204 B7 service and ATF change

    Engine oil and filter change ,ATF changed with all new gasket washer etc,all other checks carried out .£380.00 all mercedes parts and mercedes trained independent.comments ::bannana::bannana:
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