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  1. pjs

    Mercedes Benz Personal Leasing?

    I used a broker [Niche] - it is not always clear from adverts who is supplying the cars, but you can be sure a broker wont be. My actual lease agreement was directly with Mercedes. Brokers can access corporate stock from Mercedes. Mercedes supplied the car. Dealers can be clueless. Jst do your...
  2. pjs

    2 years and 40000 miles of leased C250CDi costs write up

    Thanks for the comments chaps, and glad it's provoked some debate. I appreciate the act of spending £13k for nothing to show over two years is not everyones cup of tea, and we do of course all have different budgets and priorities. My take on it is if I reduced that cost to say £7k by buying...
  3. pjs

    2 years and 40000 miles of leased C250CDi costs write up

    2 years of leasing a C250 AMG Sport ED125 CDI [that’s what the V5 says] come to an end tomorrow when the nice men from BCA collect my car. I thought it might be helpful to write a concise review as possible by way of helping other forum members, especially with reference to costs. I used a...
  4. pjs

    Genuine Merc Winter 17" Wheel & Tyre set

    These are on ebay now, finishes Saturday evening. Started them at £675. Someone could get a bargain 17" Winter Wheel & Tyre set Genuine Mercedes Dunlop Wintersport 3D tyres 8mm | eBay
  5. pjs

    The Single Best Feature Of Your Car

    Hassle free 2 year lease.
  6. pjs

    Genuine Merc Winter 17" Wheel & Tyre set

    I've had several enquries asking will they fit this car or that car. I really dont know I'm afraid - you need to check with mercedes. The spec is clear.
  7. pjs

    Genuine Merc Winter 17" Wheel & Tyre set

    Bump for the weekend. First £750 can have them.
  8. pjs

    'Check Brake Wear' sods law

    Help needed chaps - this light came on today, 3 weeks before the lease ends and it goes back to merc. 39300 miles on a 40000 mile allowance! The guidance for return doesn't cover how this will be treated (or I cant find it) Everything else is in order. So, can anyone help with the...
  9. pjs

    New W204 C-Class owners discussion

    I don't think price has anything to do with it. A new £15k car should give you no more or less trouble than a new £35k. Merc simply don't seem to have built these cars as well as they should. Sorry to read about your problems, been happy enough with mine and it goes back next month - just had a...
  10. pjs

    New W204 C-Class owners discussion

    Thought I'd add a little to this thread. Had the car for 40k miles over 23 months - 1 month to go. Has been reliable - but - had two recalls for wiring looms, and two recalls for coolant issues ( 1 of which was discovered after a leak). Then on 1 occasion it has lost power, and on 1 occasion...
  11. pjs

    Genuine Merc Winter 17" Wheel & Tyre set

    Update - Ebay can wait - I only get a 10 day option and I was pretty clueless about the fees until now. So, they can stay for sale on here for as long as it takes. PM me if interested.
  12. pjs

    Genuine Merc Winter 17" Wheel & Tyre set

    Hi I have for sale a full set 17" Winter Tyres/Wheel which I bought from Mercedes specifically for my 250cdi. They have had light use through the last 2 winters and the tread measures 8mm I'm understand they will fit most new c-class (not AMG) and a variety of other Mercs but I would urge any...
  13. pjs

    simple spreadsheet for flat rate vat accounting

    I'm not much of a VAT expert but SWMBO went flat rate last year - You also get a 1% disocunt in the first year. It is really simple, in that each quarter I do it for her. You simply need to record the total of what comes in/out - none of the detail, unless there is shipping of stuff to non eu...
  14. pjs

    Lease coming to an end-options/planning

    Personal - Operating Lease
  15. pjs

    Lease coming to an end-options/planning

    I did enquire about a price to buy, and as you suggest, they were happy to offer one, although it was more towards retail than trade. Snag is you need to purchase via a 3rd party who is VAT reg to do the deal, i.e an accommodating dealer to 'facilitate'. I do have an ltd co that could do it also...
  16. pjs


    Yes. Well I used to be, now an owner/director of a Recruitment Agency. ?????
  17. pjs

    What influences your preference towards Mercedes (e.g. compared to Audi/BMW)?

    Survey looks too much like hard work, but.... For the first time in a decade, I havn't got a bmw on the drive. I've got a Merc because of a cheap lease deal = Value for money for a decent brand I've got Audi because I wanted a fast convertible and fancied a change from BMW Neither drive as well...
  18. pjs

    Audi A5 Cabriolet

    Ooh, reckon I might be able to give a useful opinion here! Had an s5 cab since March ( 3 years old) to run alongside the c250cdi. Done 13k miles in it and very happy with it. More GT than drivers car, but very capable, practical and well built. The roof goes up and down up to 30mph and with...
  19. pjs

    Lease coming to an end-options/planning

    My c250cdi coupe goes back to merc in just over 12 weeks. I'm not too concerned about the handbook process because I've treated the car as my own and it is virtually like new. 2 years, 40k miles. So planning ahead...a couple of questions Has anyone been offered a 'buy' option from Merc coming...
  20. pjs

    “Car insurance prices 'falling at record rate”

    Looks like its true. Renewal for c250 gone down by 25% last week.
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