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  1. mykaitch

    Ipods artwork and crap mb interface

    MB spec is jpg. Used png but no diff in missing artwork. Problem is that URL tag. Found an easier way is to use MP3tag (freeware) to strip out ALL the tags and than paste back the ones you need. That works well.
  2. mykaitch

    Ipods artwork and crap mb interface

    Hi. Some of you may have followed my odd posts since I bought my C180 3 years ago. Never one to give up I have finally solved the problem of missing artwork -- and it was in front of my eyes the whole time. So, use a USB stick and you get all the artwork. Read it in and then use the ipod and you...
  3. mykaitch

    Snooper 4Zero

    I have used a cheap Whistler I bought in the States for over 10 yrs--never fails, great range on m25 cos cameras are so high. Mad range on hand held radar--I usually wave as I go by which really pisses plod off. Converted it to remote ctl and fitted head unit behind the grille star. My sat nav...
  4. mykaitch

    led headlights?

    I have a 2013 c class with projector lights. Can I swap them for LED types ???
  5. mykaitch

    command hard drive

    ....which does not work in fact the media i/f with comand on line and an ipod is total crap. ipod album index fails if > 1100 tracks reset doesn't artwork if you're lucky. I spent a lot of money for this junk. Anybody know how to erase the whole of the had drive?
  6. mykaitch

    Does Command have speed cameras as POI?

    Done it -- see for sale ad...
  7. mykaitch

    Does Command have speed cameras as POI?

    I have SD cards with ALL UK fixed cameras (not those sly ones just gone into service on the M25 to steal even more money). Easy to install- Command only with SD card slot. £19.99 each. Audio and Visual alerts. All cameras shown on maps as of 2012.
  8. mykaitch

    John Griffiths of Caversham

    I have a brand new C class but it is Star who get to service it. Great service
  9. mykaitch

    Mercedes and iPods

    In case you haven't seen my past posts here is a brief summary... New C class April 2013. I specified MUST have full ipod control. Arrived with Audio20. iPod useless. Demanded display as in handbook for iPod.:fail Two weeks later told I had to have media interface. For that I must have 6 CD...
  10. mykaitch

    Audio 20 iPod control

    ipod issues In brief: ordered C180SE (new) Feb 2013 - stated very clearly I wanted FULL ipod connectivity like the Alpine I fitted into my old Eclass. Got car didn't work. Investigation, had to pay to upgrade to 6CD/multimedia. No artwork. Longer investigation. had to upgrade to Command on -...
  11. mykaitch

    Mercedes software

    Why is Merc (Renesas) software such total crap ? Was it written by lads on work experience? Bought my new C Class last year, upgraded it to command on line. Plug in ipod. Some artwork there, most not. The artwork is stored on the hard drive --what total prat thought of that? It is stupid: if you...
  12. mykaitch

    iPods, Artwork (not showing) etc..

    Me too, but as a matter of principle I said I wanted that when I ordered the car and anyway, I do like trawling for album images etc. As for lingutronic as far as 'next track'. Currently battling MB on that 3k....will report what happens. BTW, the 3k was a quote for parts only and I...
  13. mykaitch

    iPods, Artwork (not showing) etc..

    If you copy all of the itunes music files only to a usbstick you will see all the artwork that is embedded in the file. If you examine a file with a hex editor or any other similar tool you can find the image data. In itunes when images are added by the user they are indeed embedded. I agree...
  14. mykaitch

    iPods, Artwork (not showing) etc..

    I have been fighting MB since I bought my car in April. The result of that battle is that I now can see all the artwork from my iPod on my MB screen. This is a very shortened story of the problems that I faced along the way. If you have bought a new Merc this year and you specified ‘Media...
  15. mykaitch

    iPods, the REAL answers

    I'll try to keep this short (it isn't). Bought new C180 in April, said it must work an ipod with all functions. It didn't.:( Told I needed a media interface. Okay I said.:o Ah, you need a 6CD changer Audio 20 for that because the media inteface does not work with the standard Audio 20.:fail Ok I...
  16. mykaitch

    W204 c Class (2013) ashtray removal

    Reply to me...MAcarbon - Carbon Fiber for Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and More has an excellent guide for removal of console bits
  17. mykaitch

    W204 c Class (2013) ashtray removal

    Can anyone tell me how to do this please ? I think I have to pull up the panel around the gear stick - do I have to get the boot off too and if so, how? Need to fit 'toys' in the ashtray space. thanks all
  18. mykaitch


    Hello. I put all of iTunes onto a USB stick and I can see the artwork with that. Don't see why I can't now - the audio manual shows it. I will get back to the MB Stealer
  19. mykaitch


    Well! Bought the car last week, C180SE. iPod hopeless,cannot see artisits etc. Today, paid lots (1170+VAT) for Audio2 CD changer + Media IF. Now: can see playlists, tracks etc... BUT NO ARTWORK!!! Any ideas ? How can MB get something like this SO WRONG! So far I have coughed up nearly 32k and it...
  20. mykaitch

    access to the lcd screen W204

    W204 lcd trim Any idea how to get the trim off?
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